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Work from Home

You can also think about affiliate programs and marketing. This has a great importance in online success. The associates who put their effort in affiliate marketing make great use of the Internet to earn a small amount of money from lots of people.

The person who is engaged in affiliate marketing can become successful by being rewarded for issuing links to other sites on internet. The business partner can become successful by means of advertising associate to spread his business across the whole world.

It is obvious that before you decide anything, you need to think and study a lot deeper than examining this short explanation, Take your own time to make inquiries and to do research. Your decision should be from your brain and not from the heart.

An intention and practical approach will take you to the way of success. Remember that with devotion and imagination, you can achieve your goal.
So, are you actually working for home and making decent money as an affiliate marketer.

I guess I'm not seeing the point in the post. Maybe if you could direct people to useful resources in learning how to work from home,

Most "type at home" jobs are just ebooks people are selling on using Adwords to promote affiliate links, but while that might have been a good way to make money in 2001 things have changed a lot since then.

Other things like reading email advertisments pay so little that they hardly seem worthwhile. Amazon has something called Mechanical Turk, but the "jobs" only pay a few cents to a dollar. Again, hardly seems worth it.
I have looked on the internet at some of so called "jobs" and come to the conclusion that they pay peanuts for a lot of time and effort.

They are like addressing and licking 500 envelopes to recieve 1, slave labour costing the company nothing to increase their bottom line.
To fevzid; It may be a lot of peoples dreams.

To the former two; I hear you. The more I think about online businesses the more I think that they are... worthless (I know that that profanity is against TOS here so, yeah).

To the poster of the thread; I sincerely hope that something like that does exist. People could use that as a way to draw income after retirement or just simply disabled.
To tell the truth, I don't believe in any Work-at-home programs.

Seriously. I have not tried a single one of them, but the very design and layout of those type of websites makes me turn away from them. I am tired of seeing websites bith big bold colored titles screaming - "YOU CAN MAKE 10,000$ IN A WEEK!!!"
I do not mean to offend anybody, but from my experience on the internet, 99 percent of work-at-home sites are fake.
Well, for me, I've search for few weeks about this "Working at home" scheme. I've found that most of them are scam especially those "Data Entry Needed" websites. Most of them wants you to pay them before work... logic to pay before work? hahaha

anyway, i've found this but still in beta version and I'm still doubt if it is a scam or what. Guyz, take a look here
I have few websites and blogs that give me few bucks everyday from Adsense. I try affiliate program too but never had any sales so far. Make money from home for me is, developing my sites to get more visitors to them and get more revenue from it. It's not easy money though.
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