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Which power supply you recommend/have?

I I have recently upgraded my video card from ATI's Radeon 9600XT (128MB DDR) to the much more powerful Radeon X1650 (512MB DDR). Why is this important to the topic? I have a 250W pre-built power supply, in which the X1650 recommends no less than a 350W power supply. I have read some reviews around and was also recommended from a friend, the Enermax 535W All In One SLI Ready power supply. Reading around, I know that my computer is going to run much more organized and much more better than before, not just because of the video card, but in all aspects. Feel free if you woudl like to recommend a power supply or if you have a custom one.
The best on the market is PC Power & Cooling, they have the best product, which is pricy but worth it. I have the 510Watt True Power PSU (650 Watt). Not a problem, and their warrenty and servce is the best by far.
PCP&C is definently the best, followed closely by Seasonic. For budget builds, XClio makes a good 450w power supply. Right now, I am running a Shuttle XPC power supply. It is alright, but I really want to get a C2D system with a Seasonic M12...
I don't believe anyones recommendation would change my mind haha. I have heard amazing reviews and results on Enermax power supplies, every hardcore gamer who searches for a power supply, goes with Enermax.
Id recommend ACBEL. 2 year warranty and are rated on their true output not max output. And when they smoke, they smoke spectacularly!
jay84h wrote:
I don't believe anyones recommendation would change my mind haha. I have heard amazing reviews and results on Enermax power supplies, every hardcore gamer who searches for a power supply, goes with Enermax.

No offense, but if you had made your mind, why even ask?

Enermax is a Class2 Power Supply (according to [H]ard OCP). This means it is GREAT quality, but a Class1 Power Supply would be much better.

To give you an idea of how reliable Enermax is-- They are nearly identical in build quality to Antec. PCP&C, Seasonic, Silverstone, Etasis, and Zippy are all Class1 supplies (although I have not heard of the last two, so I would go with one of the first 3 brands).

By the way, true hardcore gamers can ONLY power their systems on high-end PCP&C supplies. No one else provides enough stability at high wattage (800w+)
Last time I checked, Enermax has a very powerful 1000W power supply, I haven't came across any others. Plus I just want everyones feedback on which power supplies they like or not, you know? Have a little competition going on!
I also using the enermax 480W, very good, stable and noiseless.
Had used it over 8 months, open 24hours.
you don't have a very powerful vid card to warrant a 500W PSU. a 350W or better NAME BRAND PSU is best for you. Also if you don't mind me suggesting, it's pointless to upgrade your rig part by part every so often. I would suggest that if you make upgrades, it's only for memory and HD's. Besides that, instead of buying new CPUs, vid cards, PSUs etc. I would keep saving for an entire new rig. That way you would be able to enjoy a great performance boost instead of a minor one. Plus with DX10 coming out in vista, you're now stuck with your DX9 vid card for a year. Instead, you could of been saving for a year and making a nice new rig.
But why in the world would I upgrade my rig, and waste money if my rig performs good and is a little over a year old. That don't make sense at all. The video card is new, and it is more powerful, i've been having trouble lately with the computer anyways, 2 motherboards fried on me, lucily it was under warranty, and the reason being is because of a lousy 250W pre-built power supply. This is why I am upgrading to the Enermax 535W so that the computer will not be struggling anymore, it will run much smoother.
Why do you keep referring to 'pre-built' power supplies?
Have you ever met anyone that has scratch built a PSU for a pc?
I've never seen a PSU building kit sold anywhere for use in a pc.
LOL, you know what I mean. Pre-built computers including already built in PSU's obviously.
antec makes some good ones, with lots of options. they have some cool looking ones too if your using an open side case
Why would you need a 1000w supply. Exactly, you don't.

Anyways, take a look at Thermaltake's supplies. They are very quiet and keep cool.
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