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Wii Easter Eggs - Hidden secrets and surprises!

Fire Boar
There are literally tons of hidden extras on the Wii. Don't believe me? You'll have to try some of these out, then.

1) Email any Wii. To send an email to a Wii, send the email to, replacing the 0s with the Wii's number.

2) Blue disc drive. To make the disc drive glow permanently blue, send an email to your Wii (using the above trick) and don't read the message. The disc drive will glow blue until the message is read.

3) Virtual console games can be saved to an SD card.

4) Press any button on a Wiimote not connected to a Wii that is on. The lights on the Wiimote will flash between 1 and 4 times. This indicates battery level: 1 being lowest, 4 being highest.

5) When downloading virtual console games or hardware extras (like the internet channel) from the shop channel, you will get a picture of Mario walking across the screen. If his suit is red and white rather than red and blue, press A to make him throw fireballs.

6) Hold A+B on the channel menu, on the message board or on the Mii channel to pick up something and move it around. This can be useful for sorting messages and ordering your channels.

7) Grab the cat in the photo channel's Fun mode by pressing A+B.

8) Also on the photo channel, in Fun mode choose to do a jigsaw, move the cursor over 48 pieces and hold 1 to unlock the option to do a 192-piece puzzle. It's pretty hectic.

9) You can unsync all Wiimotes from the console by holding the SYNC button on the front of the Wii for 15 seconds.

10) Some games use information from the forecast channel for weather effects. If you want to choose the weather in such games, simply find a place which has that weather (Northern Canada, Russia or Greenland, if you want snow, for instance) and set your location to that place.

11) The Internet channel leaves two things of data. One is for the channel itself, one for cookies and browsing data. Delete the latter (saved in the same place as game saves) to clear this information.

There are some nice secrets in Wii Sports too...

1) In Bowling, you can choose your ball colour. Simply hold down one of the D-Pad directions to choose a colour (blue, red, pink or gold) whilst the game loads.

2) In Tennis, you can play matches on the practice court used in the training games. Simply hold 2 whilst the game loads.

3) In Boxing, you can do various poses by moving your arms around. One example is a victory pose: when you win, raise both arms into the air quickly.

4) *CHEAT WARNING: THIS IS AN EASTER EGG, BUT IT GIVES YOU AN ADVANTAGE YOU SHOULD NOT NORMALLY HAVE. Highlight the following (I've coloured it white) to see this easter egg. (A video on how to do it is located [here].)

On the last stage of the Power Throws bowling training game, turn to the right about one or two notches, and move to the far right. Then throw the ball with a good amount of height. You're aiming to land the ball on the barrier at the side, and roll it all the way down the top of the barrier. If done correctly, you'll hear a "click" and an explosion, and all the pins will fall. It's satisfying, to say the least.
Very Interesting post. It makes me want a wii lol.
I already knew about 10/15 of those. The ones I didn't know are pretty cool, and I really want to try out when I get a chance. Smile About the weather thing, how much would anybody like to bet that the Animal Crossing coming out for Wii makes use of the Forecast channel? Laughing
Wow. I already knew about some of them, even though I don't own a Wii. However, the new ones, and even the ones I knew before are really cool and interesting. I think that there are even more things in the Wii similar to these.

I want a Wii mroe than ever before now. Oh well, only a few more months to go. Crying or Very sad
Man, do I ever need a Wii. These are really cool.

And my Gamecube's broke, so yeah. All the more reason.
I already knew more than half of those. Some I never even thought of. It's cool that you found some of those though. Very Happy
Patriot Players
Neat stuff, makes me wish I had a wii even more
This is an old post but I hope these tricks still hold true now.
Some of those "Easter Eggs" might be better known as "basic functionality" rather than anything, you know, hidden ... Rolling Eyes
Nameless wrote:
Some of those "Easter Eggs" might be better known as "basic functionality" rather than anything, you know, hidden ... Rolling Eyes

Hehe, yes Wink
Still, there are some nice tips.
Anyway, I mostly play games with the Wii Very Happy I rather use my Laptop to browse the internet than the Wii where I have to pay for Opera and use the WiiMote to "type".
I like the emailability thing, and the wii sports one, I can change COLOURS?!
Hmm, I didn't know about any of these, maybe because I rarely ever touch my Wii. Actually I don't think I've played it in over a year. Definitely going to try some of these out, Thanks.
Nice! I only knew about a couple of these but now I'm going to try these things out Very Happy.

With the sending emails to other wii's... I recieved an email about 5 months ago from someone and the email address was " Or w.e. Never knew what it was about but i guess this clears it up Razz. Someone was sending me a message via wii XD Who knew?

I use my wii every once and awhile but I think mine has the optional salami cutter because every time I turn it on it sounds like a lawnmower Confused Sadly this started happening after the warrenty expired. Lets hope my wii lasts a year or so longer Smile
I'm going to have to try the Wii Sports ones. I knew nothing about them until now.
some pretty well known stuff, but good job nonetheless
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