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Just wanted to know if there are more radio amateurs in this forum?

Iīm from Sweden, my call is SM6EAT. My favorite bands are 20m for continental contacts and 80m for local contacts in Sweden. Mostly on phone but i also like to chat in CW.

Equipment for shortwave is Yaesu FT-100 with 4 el yagi and square loop for 80m.

73s Roland from JO67RL
I always wanted to get into HAM radio, but never quite found the time. I'd really love to talk to all the other operators, and I've read up on it a lot, but I could never get my hands on any equipment and the time to study up for a license and whatnot. Maybe one of these days...

Anyways, it's really cool you're into HAM radio. I'm jealous.
Sweaty Hat Man
Yes, I got my technician a few years ago. My call sign is KB1MRD. I like to use 2 meters. I have an alinco dr130. I have enjoyed using my ham radio for talking to my dad when he is coming home from work. He has an Icom 706 mark 2 and has is an extra. His ham radio friends are quite strange though. Have you been to a ham fest event? Or a ham radio swap meet?
I'm ready to take the technician test here in the US and now that they are dropping the Morse code requirement for ALL levels, I guess I better start working on those also. I am mainly getting it because my bud has one. And yeah, I've been to hamfests over the years and I know what you are talking about. They DO seem a bit strange on first glance. I will add, though, that almost any time you get enthusiast of anything together, it seems a bit strange to the outsider.
Woohoo! I just took my Technician and General exams today and passed them easily. (missed 1 question about frequency privileges on one of the bands) Haven't a clue what my call sign is gonna be, but now it's time to start shopping for a rig. Thinking about a VX-7R for a HT, but haven't a clue about a base unit. Any suggestions for a beginner?

(Yeah, I know technically this was a double post, but it seemed better to post here than make a new topic Wink )
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