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Nothing Comes Up

Hey guys, (I'm posting this from my laptop.) My deskop PC powers on fine, and the screen turns on fine, but nothing actually appears on the screen. I plugged the screen into my laptop and it works fine so it must be something wrong with the PC. Has this happened to anyone or does anyone have an advice. And yes, the plugs are plugged in correctly lol. I have also opened it up and the video card is in its slot fine.

Doesn't sound like an OS problem as you should still get something on the screen when you reboot. If you are getting some text on the screen but windows isn't loading (I'm assuming you are using windows) then try the F8 key and choosing "Last known good configuration". You can also try pressing this key repeatedly after the system reboots and see if it brings up the recovery screen, but that is a long shot.

More likely the problem is with your video card though. If you haven't made any changes to the settings recently (via BIOS or via the OS) then the sudden loss of video will normally mean a malfuntioning video card (seeing as you have already checked the connections).

If you have another desktop try moving the card to that one and see if the problem persists (or try a friends computer).

Hope it is only settings.

Yeh, I use windows but nothing at all comes up on the screen. Not even that screen that asks if I can boot into safe mode. Ahwell thanks anyway...
Bump. C'mon guys this is really important. Sad
Check the video card. If it's an onboard video card, try using a different video card.

If it's not an onboard one, remove it from your computer and put it back in.

See if that works.
Hogwarts wrote:
Check the video card. If it's an onboard video card, try using a different video card.

If it's not an onboard one, remove it from your computer and put it back in.

See if that works.

Taken it out and put it back in already. I don't think my motherboard has on board video, I'll check *hopes it does*.

Edit: I just realized, you have to select if you want to use your video card or on board video in the BIOS. How am I supposed to change it to on board if I can't see ANYTHING at all on the screen? I still don't know if i have on board video.
Resolved. Hogwarts helped me on MSN. Now I'm stuck with an old video card, very very, old.
better than nothing Razz
i dont know if this solves ur problem. but such kind of problem was seen in my friend's computer.

My friend tried to changed the frame buffer memry to 0 (actually in other motherboard this is limited to 1!!) in the bios so that the video memory is not shared from RAM and comp will have better use of the full RAM and god ! the motherboard settings change caused the monitor showing black screen all time.

Now i tried first by removing and reputting the CMOS battery of the motherboard which i thought it would change the motherboard settings to default but it gone in vain;no improvement.

Now i figure the motherboard was intel celeron board. It certainly had bios menu options like following:

option | Load optimal defaults
option | Load default settings
option | Load faisafe settings
|->this is my concern and exit(f10)

so i tried blindly getting to the bios option pressing (->) key and (|) arrow 2 times to reach the failsafe options and <-| it and pressed (Y) and saved by pressing (f10).

Voila this solved the problem.
So always be cautious about the bios settings and if u want to change the setting remember the CMOS battery and if it doesn't solve the problem there is the failsafe settings.

Enjoy Smile
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