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Parallels question... running XP on OSX...

ok, so i've loaded parallels on my macbook 2.0. the way that it is set up is a little different from how a normal parallel setups on my mac. most people would use a separate partition to install a virtual machine, in my case (and most other users) i'm running windows XP but my version of xp is basically is stripped down to barebones and is running off if an image (well kind of). i only need windows to run two programgs, one main program that uses another program that runs in the system tray. the problem i'm having is that i have to patch the program that runs in my system tray needs to be patched with a .reg file in order for it to work properly with my the single other program that i want to run,

now i can patch the program just fine when i first install and do a virtual reboot, but if i reboot it again the patch no longer exists and does not perminately patch my program. does anyone know how to make the patch perminant?

it seemz that when i restart the virtual machine "Paralells" resets the reg files, because when i run "regedit" before and after the patch it changes, does anyone here know parallels well enough to fix this? remember though, its not running off of a partitioned drive my entire drive is still all HFS formatted and the stripped down version of XP is running completely virtually.

so to recap on what the problem is simply:

Running Parallels with barebones XP

XP is virtually running off of like an image
(not installed on a partition)

Running a piece of software that runs in background
in the system icon tray
(this program is a helper program for another program to function correctly)

System icon tray program must be patched in order to work.

Patch is successful upon every installation, but after every virtual reboot
patch is no longer applied and system icon tray program is back to the original state and still needs to be patched.

its not much of a hassle for me to patch it everytime, but the macbook will be used by some pretty non-computer-savvy users and it would be much
easier for me to have the patch perminantly to save me from teaching them the complicated patching process.
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