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-AcF- Clan Site. Need Members.

Hey guys, me and my friend InTgRa started a Australian CoD2 clan. You can join if you are in any country but then when we eventually get a server, if we get enough members, your ping will be too high unless you live in any of the country's quite close to Australia. Anyway we recruited a few people in a server but then before the round finished they left so we couldn't get their MSN, so then we lost them members. Anyway the clan site is so if you play CoD2 and want a clan and live in a country near Australia, feel free to come and sign up on the forums, join the clan and have a chat. Once we get 5 members, I a going to open the applications for Junior Deputy Leader of the clan.

Also if you want to join sign up on the forums and post to let us know you joined, and chuck on the tags which are -AcF- YourNameHere

Now you will notice there are some black dashes in the tag they are supposed to be grey so the code you type as your CoD2 name is.....
I don't play CoD2, but I can review your website.

Layout is nice, but the text is hard to see. Pretty light green text on darker green background ?! If you have read FriHost rules, you would probably notice there a section, which handle chatting on website. It is forbidden to have any type of irc on website. Forum has nice template, but you should make another logo to it. It is a bit messy, when you just add some width on it and not height. You could make website using divs and not tables.

Your site isn't valid. Add doctype:
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
Add code in <style>-tag:
body {margin:0;}

There are some more mistakes, which can be fixed by different styles.

Read more:
Thanks SamiTheBerber I'm not too good at coding so I just done the site in photoshop, then sliced it and changed it around a little. The banner for the forum can be re done. Razz
{name here}
Make the text a sans-serif, use scalable font sizes, and fix the text. Also the design seems to stop abruptly at the end. You just might want to add and ending area with a copyright. Another good idea is to use a scalable div or table for the site's content, so that people with widescreen displays can see more than a slit in the middle of the page.
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