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Bungee Jumping

any forumer here do bungee jumping as a hobby?
i do like bungee jumping but i never try it out.
maybe next time if i have chance to play it Very Happy
I have not done bungee jumping as such, but I did something probably even better - a canyon swing. This involves jumping off a high platform over a river (like bungee jumping), however, at the bottom of the jump the cable swings out and you go flying over the canyon. So it's like two bites at the cherry. Lots of fun and I certainly had my heart in my mouth after jumping and looking down at the river below.

For anyone who has done it, did you find it hard to make the jump? I was first to go in my group and I tried not to think about backing out. I knew I'd look like an idiot. So I just went for it.
i would love to do some bungee jumping or a base drop or somthing of that sort..m mother has done skydiving and she used to fly so i's in me to be nuts like her
Captain Fertile
I would have loved to do that in my younger days but now I have to be sensible dad as much as I can. I'd rather not put my life at risk, I have too much to lose and I would miss my kids! Smile

But anyone who does that kind of stuff, if it is something you really enjoy and it doesn't harm anyone else then you go for it.
I went bungee jumping in new zealand last summer at AJ hackett in queens town.

I have to tell you its the scariest thing to get strapped into that you will ever do....sitting on the edge above the entire town, your looking around at all the mountains thinking "holy crap im so high im above the snowline on some of these mountains.

they strap you in, and then you just have to think......just ****** it and jump

the second you leave the platform a wonderfull fealing of awe mixed with wonder with a shot of JESUS EFFING CHRIST THE GROUNDS COMING!!!!!!!!

but its great, you should really check it out.....then go skydiving, but thats a different thing entirely Wink

edit: (link)
No thank you, maybe when I was a kid. I wanted to try sky diving but not any more thanks very much. Can’t really say when total wussness became the order of the day. Maybe it was looking at people just before they jump, they do not seem happy in the least, and then the relief when they don’t end up dead. A guy with a white coat and thick glasses said people do extreme sport because we live in a world that does not pose the same risks for basic survival as it did in historical times (even from WWII period). Some people need to feel threatened and pull through unscathed for a sense of accomplishment. I get that all the time for free.
asciii wrote:
any forumer here do bungee jumping as a hobby?

I don't do it as a hobby, but I tried it twice. It's really cool, if you do it the adrenaline goes to your whole body, it feels really great, but it's a bit scary too.

I do want to try it once since I don't have such fun in Hong Kong
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