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Horde of Nightmares : Gaming Syndicate

Horde of Nightmares
Gaming Syndicate

Are you a gamer who not only loves to play, but also likes to talk about games, as well as improve your skills? If so, the Horde of Nightmares is a place you should check out.

We are a gaming community plus we play host to dedicated gaming teams. Whether you want to stop in once a week and see what new game people are talking about, or once a day to coordinate with your team, you can do it all at [HoN].

We are unique in that we allow trusted members to build their very own dedicated game teams. For instance: 'Srdmstr', a good friend and long-time member has recently built his own Counter-Strike: Source team under the [HoN] name. In return we provide him with his own private forum, a small website for him and his recruits, and a public CS:S server.

Our dream is to build a rich gaming community with a friendly environment that will hopefully extend to the games our members play, which makes the online experience better for everyone.

So if you are curious and want to find out more, head on over to our website, stop by our CS:S server, or drop into our Ventrilo server; you can find all these places at the links below.

Horde of - Our CS:S Server
Go to our site and ask an administrator, or team leader if you would like to talk to us on our vent server (it is password protected).
We now have a new site and forum.
I edited the above post to convey new information about our community, so please read that.

Don't forget to check out our site. It won't take but 30 seconds of your time if you check it out now.
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