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What do you think is the best Zelda game?

In my opinion, LoZ: Windwaker is really good. I never finished any of them, but I've gotten far enough in it to find out how it is. I've watched my friends play Majora's Mask, which looked really cool, but never played it. The Twilight Princess is really good too. What do you think?
From what I've played, Ocarina of Time will hold the title strong right to my grave, but then again I havent played windwalker OR twilight princess... Crying or Very sad I hear from every person I've talked to that twilight princess blows every other zelda game completely out of the water it's that amazing so I'm dying to get a Wii and play it!!
XD I have twilight princess but no Wii. Sad

So far I'd say that I had the most fun in Wind Waker, since it was much smoother and the controls flowed more than OOT, but OOT is my favorite. LTTP was a great game too, but I never finished it Razz
I haven't played Twighlight Princess, but I have played just about every other Zelda game. Wind Waker was highly overrated IMHO - I wasn't really a fan of the cartoon graphics, but the main problems were how ridiculously easy the game was (I don't think I died... ever), and how much time was spent tideously sailing around. Plus there were other minor irritances, such as being unable to tell which islands you'd 'completed' and gotten the reward for (I ended up marking them down on paper for lack of in-game solution). Mostly the easiness of the game killed it for me. The two games for the 64 were by far the best (again, I haven't played TP, so I can't compare to that), and although most people seem to view Ocarina of Time as much better, I personally preferred Majora's Mask for a number of reasons - Doing sidequests to collect masks was much more fun than just finding those stupid skull-spider things, the many timed-based events were done very well and added greatly to immersion, there were more different things to do outside of dungeons, the bosses in general were more fun (and you could fight them again, which was fun) and the final boss was actually difficult, the story was more original... Gah, I could go on like this for quite some time. Majora's Mask was awesome. Smile
For me it comes down to a tough decision between Twilight Princess(for Wii) and The Wind Waker. But if I had to choose one, I'd probably go with Twilight Princess, even though I'm not through with it yet. Although I'm not sure if any final boss battle will be able to beat Wind Waker Ganon... that was a battle to awesome to forget.
I don't have a wii and so never played twilightprincess.
From the others before "Ocarina of Time" is the best, I think.
Twilight Princess is also easy, but one of the most fun zelda games I've had. Probably my favorite, though I'm still one dungeon away from beating it.

Plus, there's this cave in the desert (Cave of Ordeals) that is 50 floors of increasingly hard fights. I dont know if I can beat it with 15 hearts and 3 fairies.
Ocarina of Time was the best game. I think I only played 2 other Zelda's before that. I heard Zelda on the Wii is pretty good though.
I'm playing TP right now, so when I get a good way in to it, I'll tell everyone how it is. So far it's good, but there are some puzzles that are seriously annoying in it. (Like in the forest temple) Besides that, I don't think that Gannon appears in this game, which is sort of a relief... too much Gannon for the past few game :/ Epona is really well done too! I'm guessing that there's "rodeos" in it throughout the game, but I only did one so far. The fishing is really cool too. But the controls are awkward. (to me at least) I really like how Nintendo added really strange things to the game (like sumo wrestling lol) Overall, it's pretty good! (Just so you know, wolf Link is annoying at some times. You don't have any thumbs. x_x)
In my opinion Ocarina of Time is the best followed by A Link to the Past. Ocarina of Time was the first 3D Zelda in the series and it did everything right for its time. It's fun and the battles in the game are great. My favorite temple in the game is probably the Fire Temple.
My favorite LOZ game is Ocarina of Time. Even though I have Twilight Princess, I still like it a little bit better.
I can't decide between Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time. TP basically takes all of the pros from the other Zelda games, and merges them into one big game. However, Ocarina of Time introduced the Zelda series to 3D, and really made a huge impact on the series. Both are wonderful games, and I just CAN'T decide. Very Happy
i totally agree to djcaution Ocarina of time is the BEST zelda ever
if Nintendo wants to make a even better zelda it will be a damn lot of work for them
this is a really hard task since there is almost no better nintendo game than Ocarina of time.. just 1 thing i hate about this game is the missing of the REAL theme of zelda you know what i mean if youve played a few zelda games or if you have played super smash bros 64... the zelda map.. that tune is soooo perfect i miss it so much in this game.. but still the game is soooo good!! im wondering if the wii gets a nice Zelda (or maybe there already is i dunno) cant afford the wii yet to try it out Razz
besides i hope that the wii supports a ordinary controller any1 who could pm me if they do? cus the remote control makes me wonder if the wii is worth it i like the old time controller and im not sure i will ever like a remote control for a game comon now a remote control who made it up?? its not a dvd-player its a game station!! i think its probably possible to hook up a ordinary controller surely hope so!!
Ocarina of Time was my favourite too. I really like the fishing in that you can do at the pond. I also like the way the sun would rise and set. I dont think any other game had done that before.
The first Zelda ever:D

Games have been great since, but nothing has caught my attention since the first in the series. Maybe it was because I was a kid or maybe it was because it was my first RPG. I wore my copy out. I could still play that game to this day.
I think OoT is the best I've played, but I haven't gotten very far in TP yet and it could very well prove to be my favorite. WW was slow and boring with the little boat. I really like getting to ride around on Epona.
"A Link to the Past" and "Ocarina of Time".
those games is the best I think. They have a good story and a nice feeling. Very Happy
I can't understand how they can call a game "the legend of Zelda:majoras mask" when there is no zelda. There is no ganon eather. I have played "wind walker"(Demo) But I can't stand the graphic! Mad
I can't decide between "A Link to the Past" and "Ocarina of Time". I have to agree with Peterssidan and say they both are the best games. I've played both several times now, beginning to end. They just have such great storylines, puzzles, and "Ocarina of Time" had some pretty good graphics (for the N64 Razz ).
Peterssidan wrote:

I can't understand how they can call a game "the legend of Zelda:majoras mask" when there is no zelda. There is no ganon eather.

Technically, from memory I think you do see a brief scene with Zelda at the very end of the game, after you defeat the final boss. Laughing Perhaps the name might not be technically accurate, but I still thought a different story made a nice change from variations on the same theme.
i really liked was fun..easy to play..and i liked its cartoonish quality.
Nameless wrote:
Peterssidan wrote:

I can't understand how they can call a game "the legend of Zelda:majoras mask" when there is no zelda. There is no ganon eather.

Technically, from memory I think you do see a brief scene with Zelda at the very end of the game, after you defeat the final boss. Laughing Perhaps the name might not be technically accurate, but I still thought a different story made a nice change from variations on the same theme.

maby you see zelda in majoras mask. I have never played it myself but I have seen when my brothers played it on Nintendo GameCube. It was because it not goes the original story I never played it. But it looks pretty good anyway. Maby I play it sometimes.
Well i like (not now ... ) Zelda to nintendo-64 ,, Majoras Mask ... I know it's a bad game console but it's fun Smile

Sorry if u can't read this i'm not so good at english Embarassed ZZzzZZ on lessons Razz
I think that I A Link to the Past is the best game. I've played several times now, not so bad at all.
I like A Link to the Past the best.
LOZTP is the coolest beat that in 2 days but in fact ima zelda fan addict i beat all of them in less then 1 week XD.... GO ZELDA. BTW on LOZTP guess who the Twilight princess is anyway is it Zelda or is it......i forget her name but ur ur helper at the end after u ebat all 4 forms of gannon a whole liek 15min cut scene happens with the credits and crap when u find out!
I think the first zelda's the best, only because i didn't play the others very much. Never beat the first zelda...was stuck on that water tower part near end game.
I can't even view that as a question. All of the games were revolutionary AMAZING for their time. (although I do think OoT was the best.
I've only played the original (on the computer), links awakening(GameBoy Color), Wind waker, and twilight princess(wii). I've beaten LA and WW and I'm very close to the end of twilight princess. I'd have to say that Twilight Princess is the best one that I've played especially with the wii controls it becomes very immersive.
Ocarnia of Time is the best by far until i try twilight princess
My favorite would absolutely be Ocarina of time, had been looking forward to that game after all the hype more then any game before or after and it met the expectations.
Aquarys wrote:
In my opinion, LoZ: Windwaker is really good. I never finished any of them, but I've gotten far enough in it to find out how it is. I've watched my friends play Majora's Mask, which looked really cool, but never played it. The Twilight Princess is really good too. What do you think?

Ocarina and Windwaker are the bests, but i really want see the new, Zelda Twilight Princess.
I'd say the best is Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX for the Gameboy Color. It was ahead of it's time in terms of gameplay and story. In the Pokemon dominated gameboy world, Link's Awakening will always be revered in my heart over those animals.
And the greatest feature of Link's Awakening? Stealing from the store!
Patriot Players
Ocarina of Time and Windwaker are my favorites, Majora's Mask was of course excellent but compared to the other two a bit of a let down. I can't wait until I get a Wii and get Twilight Princess, Im sure it wont disappoint.
Twilight Princess will really blow you away, it is so long!
My friend has played it for a long time and still isn't near completing it.
Don't have a Wii. Don't even have a GC!! Want to play Twilight Princess!! Have played Ocarina of Time only....not bad game, except for the colours....kind gloomy....but I guess that's the effect designed for it.
I've haven't played Twilight Princess yet, but I think that Orcarina of Time definately stands out because of how it revolutionized gaming in particular as well as the Zelda series.
You guys forgot about all the handheld games Razz

Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons were great and Minish Cap too!!
I know the graphics aren't too good compared to the console games, but it's not all about high-tech graphics right. Wink

I can't wait for the Phantom Hourglass release, i think the stylus control of the DS will help make the puzzels even more fun Smile And 3d graphics won't hurt either ^^

Eventhough i'm more into the handheld games i really enjoyed Wind Waker:) and I love the fact that PH will have the same style of graphics!
I don't like Zelda at all. Ok the first games like Ocarina of Time wwere released before i started gaming and those GBA versions are boring. I think it's squeezed out too much now.

This is the opinion of a young hardcore PC FPS player, so don't take this too seriously.
My favorite game would be Legend of Zelda: OOT. I love how you can transend between Adult and Kid Link. The game is also the best game the Nintendo 64 offered in its time. It is the best transend from 2D to 3D to date, only Mario comes close.
My second favorite game would be Legend of Zelda:TP. The game allows you to change from classic Zelda to an all new and fun wolf mode. The story brings you back to OOT feel while surpassing it. The game also has the best supporting character I have seen in all of my time gaming: Midna.
Ocarina is the best, definitely. Not only the best, but the best game of all time. Majora's Mask disappointed me.

It was a very good game, but compared to Ocarina, the story was too weird, and it was too different for my liking. And the dungeons weren't as good.

I've played a bit of TP, and it looks very Ocarina-esque. I'm looking forward to it.
TP is fantastic. Some people actually complained that TP didn't "innovate" enough over OOT and WW. I told them that I totally fail to see the problem with that.

That said, the "real" Wii Zelda (in development now!!!!) is promised to be a big step forward, and I can hardly wait to see where they go with it.
OAT would definately be the best by far.
The WW is amazing - it's just lacking something that OAT had.
My favorite is still OoT havnt played Twi princess yet much to my dismay.
Im finding it hard to choose between Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time.

I've just finished Twilight Princess for the gamecube and I have to say the final boss battle was alot easier than in Ocarina of Time. In fact I didn't die once against any of the bosses and only once in the Cave of Ordeals. Which I guess is a bit of a let down compared to Ocarina where I found myself dying on most of the bosses.

On the other hand I think that Twilight Princess had a much more darker and original story which I really enjoyed. Riding Epona and being a Wolf was real fun too and I think out of Navi and Midna I enjoyed Midna's company alot more.

As you can see I find good point and bad in both games but if I had to choose one it would have to be Twilight Princess. Even though I found it shorter and easier the actual game play is amazing.
Well, I have troubles picking a favorite...but it's easy to pick my least favorite. Legend of Zelda II was by far the worst Zelda game to date. But after making such a terrible Zelda game, Nintendo redeemed themselves by making A link to the past. Now that game was BAD ASS. At the time it was absolutely revolutionary. And then they bring out Ocarina of Time which was also amazing. I would say that those two were my favorites, though I thoroughly enjoyed Wind Waker as well. The controls were very smooth and easy and the only drawback was all the boredom of sailing around. The sailing concept was a great idea, but they definitely over did it and made you rely way too much on sailing around. I think had they chosen to have less sailing, it would have greatly improved the game overall.

Can't wait to play Twilight Princess! It looks like another phenomenal Zelda game. I have no doubt it will live up to my expectations!
I liked Ocarina of Time the besst at least out of what I played. It was fun and challenging. The songs on the ocarina were pretty fun to play also.
After playing through most of Twilight Princess I must say it has impressed me a lot. I'm not sure if it's better than Ocarina of Time though. When I was younger I must have played thought Ocarina of Time four or five times. I do think that WindWaker lends itself to too many boring boating scenes.
HEy guys,

The best Zeldas by far are the Zeldas that were on Philips CD-i 550 back in the mid 90's. They were so friggin' awesome...ok ok...I cant say that and keep a straight face, lol. Well, I've only ever beaten 2 Zeldas. Those being: A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time. Both of those games are awesome epics. If I had to take my pick, I would probably go with Link to the Past. It has such a high replay value and I loved playing it when I was young. I hold it close to my heart, hehe. But Ocarina is a close 2nd. All Zeldas are really great games though. And I also played Wind Waker but I never got past the 1st part with the little piggies that you could throw in to the lake and would eventually try and swim back to shore. Lol, I had way to much fun throwing those piggies around. Anyways, I've taken up more than enough space on this bulletin. Have a good one and keep it real...
I must say that so far, Ocarina of Time is my favorite without a doubt. Then again, I haven't played Windwaker or Twilight Princess yet, and I have a feeling I'm starting to get too old to buy a new console... Which probably just means that I will have to buy it as a present for one of my siblings if I want to try it.

I liked the old SNES ones, but the storyline and the gameplay of OOT was just amazing. I loved the graphics, I loved the story, the music, everything. One of my favorite game experiences ever.
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