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Nasty Deer crash! WARNING: EXTREME GORE!

This is very, very nasty. The blood splatter looks exactly like it came from HL2 or something. NOT for the faint of heart!
Captain Fertile
If those pictures are untouched that is BAAAAD!

I wonder what the driver looked like after that, I can imagine he didn't get out of that unscathed, even if he did I bet his clothes didn't.

He must have been going some speed to chop a deer in two and destroy it like that.

I suppose the good thing is that the deer would have known very little of what happened.
DANG!!! That would be a bad day.
I've never seen the entrails get deposited inside a car like that.
OMFG!!! makes me wanna puke!!! Shocked
... I'm scared to click the link after reading all these replies (maybe that's a good thing, though).

Okay I looked. Wow that's disgusting. I find it hard to believe the blood sprayed all the back of the car without spraying over everything else (all the seats instead of some of them, etc.) on the way, though.
I wonder how is the driver after all this carnage...
I've been hit my deer a few times, the jump into the cars path and stair at you with those :Evil or Very Mad: eyes that kinda look like ^Shocked^
Lucky I had my lunch already...

I am curious how the passenger felt, with all those .... red thingy all over him...

I don't even dare to imagine I being the passenger...

But why did they drive so fast >.<...
The car must be in high speed when they knock the deer, if not it won't be this serious...

Poor deer
lord o mighty thats the worst possible way to go...
Yea poor dear, at least it went quickly though.

The guy must've been going pretty damn fast. He should have his license suspended, hopefully he did.
That's crazy! I've seen several car/deer crashes living where I do, even been in one. However, I've never seen one that bad. That had to have been disgusting for the driver and passengers.
I feel sorry for the workers at the repair shop he takes the car to Razz
I know this is Hobbies and Animals, but come on?
should see what a moose does the tall legs make em go over the hood and right at the windshield
OMG those pictures are really sick and cruel. Driver had to drive very fast for that consequences. Anyway did he survive?
Captain Fertile
Does anyone know the story surrounding this crash? It looks so bad I would like to know what happened to the driver and any passengers. I can't imagine what would happen to someone in a crash like that.
I once ran over a coyote on a four wheeler. Wasn't quite as bad as this is. I was chasing him off my property and was going too fast. The coyote got caught in the wheels and his skin got peeled off around the neck. I chucked the body in the woods as to keep vultures away.
Last year I grazed a ~160lb axis deer on a rural road in SW Texas--grazed it with the cattle guard and the entire underside of my F350. Although I did not have any damage (due to the 300lb steel cattle guard/battering ram bolted to the front of my truck), the deer faired much worse. There are two types of people who live in SW Texas; those who have cattle guards on their vehicles, and those who will put one on their vehicle once they get it out of the body shop.
Large animals and fast moving vehicles do not mix--and I hope the occupants of that vehicle faired better than the small deer shown there.
That really is not nice. At least it was quick. I guess it was a better way to go than some deer because it was quick. Sad i blame us not the deer. We created cars, we shouldn't have.
must have been travelling real fast to do such carnage to a deer. Just image if that was a pedestrain. Sometimes i wonder why people drive so fast? r they trying to beat death or the opposite? poor deer.
ouch... Poor deer.

Imagine that happening to you... Mad
That sucks for the car owner. I wouldn't want to own that car it has to be dirty and is kinda desguesting
Nice after dinner show... not... Smile

Anyhow, all it would take to do that is driving on the highway at 65mph and a deer at the wrong place and time. This I have to say is probably one of the worst I've seen and I would wager a guess that the driver of the vehicle ended up in the hospital if nothing else. 20 some years ago I saw an accident with a deer that resulted in the drivers death. The deer was not killed instantly on impact and its legs went through the windshield and it kicked the driver to death. Not for the faint of heart is an understatement maybe should have said or the weak of stomach too.
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