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New Site

I've made a new site, not everything works yet but i just want your opinion on the design. The site's in Dutch so a lot of people won't understand Smile I hope you just leave it to positive criticism...
Eh...I think you forgot to post THE LINK! Laughing
{name here}
LukeakaDanish wrote:
Eh...I think you forgot to post THE LINK! Laughing

Erm...did you try the little www icon on the bottom of his post?

Well your site is nice looking, though you might want to avoid a table web design, and I think that it'd look just a little better if you defined the edges of your menus and content a tad bit better.
Not, but:

Not to shabby. A little to much hard bevel on everything for my taste. The header image takes a while to load, and it could use a different font. To me it feels like theres a disconnect between the header and the footer, maybe stick a couple of pixel border connecting the two. Although that might be because the background color of the text runs into the body's background color.

I'd look to do something with the blue and orange. I like the use of those colors in the logo, but the excitement and energy the combo produces is crashing with the relaxed, natural kind of feeling from all the green and grass. My eyes just keep going straight to the logo, which distracts from the content. I would snag some of the more extreme (brighter and darker) shades of green straight from the grass picture to use in there instead of the blue and orange.

Something that could look pretty cool is bring the nav bar up to where the bottom of it sits with the bottom of the header, get rid of the image background in favor of a black background with the alpha dropped down so you get some of the header pic back in there.

Is Dutch your native language? If so is it hard/weird to have to code in English? I couldn't imagine having to code everything I do in a different language. Anyway, I'm excited to see how the final product you come up with looks.
a_dubDesign wrote:
Is Dutch your native language? If so is it hard/weird to have to code in English? I couldn't imagine having to code everything I do in a different language. Anyway, I'm excited to see how the final product you come up with looks.

Yes Dutch is my native language, but they do teach us English at school you know Smile. And no, for me the coding isn't hard at all since i've been doing this for quite a while and now I remember most of the common codes and know what they stand for. There are plenty of HTML code tutorials to use if something has slipped my mind.

And I guess that if your native language is English you'll find Dutch very hard, but the other way around it's not that difficult...

Im sorry for your work but I like the original more than the new one.

You should not use a fixed view. Or at least one, if you really want a fixed one, with a width of about 900 px. This way is way to small.
The buttons do not fit with the header, which grass is too big. You should a picture with is not so, eh, close to the ground.
The font color in the footer is also too hard to read.

I hope I did drill your enthusiasm into the ground. Cool
Well, looks like you have some who like it and some who don't. I'm in the middle. I like many of the changes: you got rid of the photo of the bikes, and simplified it quite a bit. However, I think it would be better if the links opened in the same window instead of opening a new window. This way, the user can effectively use the back button instead of closing out lots of extra windows. Also, it may be better if it were centered.

I like what the other person said about bringing the logo colors into the content. That would be a great idea. As far as the beveling, I'm not that fond of it, but it seems to work for a sports site.

Hope this helps!
Colour Scheme:

Your main color seams to be green. Now for a sports site that seems a decent choice. The site is generally pleasing to look at...
Then i see your logo - Orange and Blue! Those are two colours that don't really match, AND fit appallingly into the colour scheme of the rest of your page - change them!

I quite like the beveled logo, and like the fact that your content is easy to read, HOWEVER change the colour of either the link backgrounds (more on them later) or maker the text over them bolder/bigger, to make them more easily readable.

Also the text in your footer could use some help in standing out from the background...

Coding & Layout

Your layout is reasonably simple, and your coding is to-the-point (though i don't generally encourage table based design).
Only a couple of coding-improvement suggestions: Move your page to the center, and add a background-color to either the text or the background. This will make your page look less narrow. I don't really care whether your page is 100% width - many WELL DESIGNED pages use fixed-width
Also you should add a DOCTYPE definition, as you cant be certain that your page will display correctly in the future without one.


You have 3 different images on your site totaling almost 300kb! So much for the hard work making the coding simple - the top banner should be exported to take up around 50kb max. (jpg) The link backgrounds should be around 5kb as png, and the footer should be around 5kb (jpg).

Apart from the logo-colour problems i mentioned earlier, I think your header image looks nice.

Link menu: The bevel effect looks OK, but I think the detail level of the images makes the text more difficult to read than it should be - go for something more simple like a gradient.

The footer looks ok.

Other tips for improvement

Make the design a bit more rounded...
Use a slightly wider layout, if using fixed width (around 750px is good)
Your obviously a reasonably competent designer - start thinking about some of the common web2.0 effects like reflections and semi-transparency.

Keep up the good work!
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