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Choral Music is My Passion

Are there any folks out there who have a passion for choral music. I am director of a new select choral ensemble in out rural upstate NY area. I also direct a large unaudtioned large community chorus that performs at Christmas and on Memorial weekend. Just curious if there are folks in this forum who share the same interest. javascript:emoticon('Smile')
I haven't really heard much choral music but from the few oratorio concerts I've been to I think it's amazing. Particularly the works of Britten. I'm also currently listening to a Swedish song called Värmlandsvisan sung by a girls choir which really does sound beautiful.
dont like it at all im into metal
I've been singing in various choirs for 5,5 years, and I can't have enough. For the last time we're doing some Orthodox - Byzantique stuff with my choir and I'm really in love with the sound and harmony. Besides, I'm learning the opera vocals.

whiskers - but it is always better to have a wide range of interests. I like metal too, as much as punk, reggae or gothic. But this doesn't interrupt me at all to be so engaged into the work of my choir Smile
I sang in a choir all four years of high school, and I miss it a lot. My college doesn't have any music programs (it's a specialized art school, so the closest we've got is sound-editting classes), and I have no idea if there are any community choirs here, and how I would get involved with one if there are any. Not that I really have time to do it, but it would be fun to get back into singing.
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