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How To Stay Focus On Study

Get focused.

Think multitasking is a useful skill? Think again! A March 2005 study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that nearly a third of students ages 8 to 18 don't concentrate on their homework alone. Instead, they "multitask" by talking on the phone, listening to music, watching television, and IMing friends.

Studies show that when people do lots of things at once they tend to do a worse job on all of them than if they'd focused on just one thing at a time. So when you multitask as you study, you're less likely to absorb and retain the information you need to do well on that test.

This doesn't mean you have to study in total silence. Things like TV are bad distractions that you'll want to avoid. But listening to music can actually help some people concentrate — especially if they have to study in a noisy environment.

Just be sure that you tune in to good study music that isn't going to sidetrack you into singing the lyrics and dancing all over your room when you're supposed to be focused on the French Revolution. If you find yourself reading the same page over and over or fixing mistakes that you made as you worked, these are clues that the music isn't helping.

Chances are, you'll use the computer for papers and the Web for research while you're doing homework. This makes it hard to avoid temptations like IM and surfing. Set aside separate time just for IM and email so that when it's work time, you can shut them down and focus. (It's hard, but there's nothing like the little ding of a new message to take the focus off of what you're trying to do — especially if it's not your favorite subject!)

Stay focused.

One way to keep your concentration is to take breaks - but make sure they're scheduled ones. Building a 15-minute break in after 45 minutes of studying can help your mind stay fresh and focused.

Get a change of scenery by leaving the room you've been working in. Exercise is a great way to clear your head and allow the mind to absorb what you've just studied. So now's the time to put on that song that makes you dance and sing! Do some stretches, walk the dog around the block, kick a ball in the backyard, or call a friend. Just make sure you get back to your studies when your 15 minutes are up.

It's normal for the mind to wander occasionally. If you find yourself getting distracted and thinking about other things, pull your attention back into a study groove as soon as possible. If daydreaming and fantasizing seem to take up too much of your work time, set aside a separate time to write in your journal or write fiction. That'll give you another incentive to get your homework done. Very Happy
I am a "student of life" now but I understand what you are saying. I often find myself multitasking at work and at home. I personally think that some of the attention deficit disorders common among children and some adults can be blamed on multitasking.
Yeah..I'm totally agree with that...the lackness in concentration on a task because of multitasking ...
i'm having the same problems also. i can't concentrate on 1 job and i have to do multiple of job then only i'll finish my job prefectly. i think maybe i'll feel dizzy if i keep concentrate on 1 thing. so, i'll need something else to relax my thinking or maybe make myself become more creative. but i think multitasking is good but not to everyone. but if you can adapt it, then, it will be a good event for you. like me, while i'm doing my University assignment, i'll listen to music or even play 10 minutes games or design for a while or even sing to make myself think more.
ya i totally agree with you.
Sometimes when i really like to study i seem be distracted by other stuffs and my mind gets totally diverted out there. I try to focus but my mind keep telling to do that thing. again and again
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