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Rocky Movies

If you are like me, you've watched the Rocky Movies and enjoyed them. I sure did, but what I wanted to know, what would you rank the Rocky Movies from 1-6? Please give an explanation or two about why you ranked that movie there.

1.Rocky 2 - Great movie from start to end, and especially when Rocky first wins the title.
2.Rocky 4 - Great underdog storyline.
3.Rocky 1 - It was a pretty good start to the movies.
4.Rocky Balboa - It was okay, to say the least. Was pretty boring during the middle of the movie, but great ending.
5.Rocky 3 - No comment.
6.Rocky 5 - I didn't really like that one, period.
Rocky 4 - Best villain, best fight, best motivation, best script and story, best Rocky ever.

Rocky 3 - I like the fact he lost the title. Good to see Mickey's last scene wasn't rushed.

Rocky Balboa - Not a fighting film, more of a "re-sight" of the first Rocky. I liked it alot and was impressed. On the downside - the training segment should have been 10 minutes longer than it was.

Rocky 2 - Classic. Only seen it once though :p

Rocky 1 - 5th on my list, but I would still rank the film 7/10. It was that damn good.

Rocky 5...The most pathetic sequel EVER.

PS: what EVER happened to Rocky's brain injury, sustained in Rocky 4, which affected him in Rocky 5, but seemed to disappear in Rocky 6?!
Blu_Spykz wrote:
PS: what EVER happened to Rocky's brain injury, sustained in Rocky 4, which affected him in Rocky 5, but seemed to disappear in Rocky 6?!

I think that since it was about 20 years into the future, he already had his injury cured or his injury doesn't affect him anymore because he didn't fight between time;healed.
he is sure still fit in film the sixth movie..

60 years old and still boxing around..
I really wanna see the last one. But my favorites would probably go in the order:

3 - Who doesn't like Mr.T. or Eye Of The Tiger?!
4 - Great montage, awesome fight!
2 - Such a relief when Rocky wins. Happy timez.
1 - Just a GREAT movie!
6 - Awesome film effects during the fight scene. Cool concept.
5 - Lame attempt for a comeback. Cool street fight scene though.
Captain Fertile
4 - The movie that launched a thousand Flat-tops!

3 - A grown man running on a beach in a cut off T-shirt! But a great movie.

5 - Gritty, sad and a fantastic pay-off final scene

2 - Funny and sad in parts but mainly slow and dragging until she says that wonderful linel , "Win, I want you to win!" (cue Rocky fanfare)

1 - Had to be there to get the franchise started, great in its time but a pain to watch now.
1.rocky 3 - the best overall movie and mr t
2.rocky 2 - still quite original and acting is better than the first
3.rocky 1 - good movie and concept acting a bit pish
4.rock 4 - not really a good movie fight scene is nuts not realistic in any sense
5.rocky 5 - crap
Has to be

Rocky 3 Bonecrushing
Rocky 1 The original
Rocky 2 Yo Adrian
Rocky 4 I will crush you
Rocky 5 really poor
Captain Fertile
Isn't it wierd how we have all seen the same movies and yet see them so differetly.

I can't understand how anyone can enjoy the first movie more than any of the others, it is very old fashioned and poor production quality compared to the more recent but I am clearly in the minority in feeling this way. Okay it wasa good story but I have real difficulty sitting through it now, it is a more cerebral movie than the others I guess, maybe I just want to see the fights and the training - got to love those training montages!!!!

I also can't understand how people can prefer the 1st movie to the 5th which is a similar movie in many ways but has a much more modern approach and quality with a matured story and matured Stallone Too.

I'm not saying anyone is wrong to disagree, its just amazing how so many people see the same movies in so many different ways.

Its good that we do course. Very Happy
that Rocky Balboa movie was worst rocky/ever made. It was just boring etc. The other ones were good.
I'm gonna rent rocky balboa now that has come out on blu-ray
For me Rocky 1 was absolutely amazing!! as I was a kid when I watched it! for me it is like THE MOVIE of my lifetime
Actually I have rocky balboa on blu-ray now. I really liked it a lot. It brought back a lot of old memories... and it was done with the Rocky formula. So I guess if you don't like rocky, you won't like this one. But if you love rocky, you'll love this one.
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