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Which RAM Do You Suggest?

Hello i am getting ready to upgrade my RAM again and i was wondering what all your guys thought were on which memory to go with such as brand and whatnot, im using DDR of course. Thanks for your help.
I'm a firm believer in Crucial RAM - all my memory upgrades have been bought through them. The amount you should get depends on your budget and your OS. If you're running Win XP or lower, or Linux etc, 1Gb should be more than enough. If you're into a lot of gaming etc, 2Gb would make a big difference. If you're planning on "upgrading" to Vista, you'll need at least 2Gb.
I'm personally using A-Data's Vitesta DDR RAM because Crosair was much more expensive. However, with RAM prices down quite dramatically since 2 years ago, you could keep Crosair high performance RAM in mind. As Animal said, it depends on your budget too.

If you are upgrading for performance, you may want to consider your graphics card as well. In most cases, upgrading the graphics card will result in better performance than RAM upgrades (unless your current RAM is insufficient or bare minimal).
AT LEAST 2gb RAM.... o' de gud st00fz.
Kingston is never a bad choice. Its guaranteed, so you're good to go with it, even if you think that there's a cheaper one out there. If the cheap stuff breaks, its not so cheap when they won't replace it.
i recommend you the DDR2 ram of samsung of 2GB . really great performance
pashmina wrote:
i recommend you the DDR2 ram of samsung of 2GB . really great performance

I agree Smile if DDR2 supported
i use Kinsgston Ram 2x512MB DDR.. no probs for me
What are the specs of ur rig? Personally I reccommend Corsair, Mushkin, or OCZ.
Going forward, DDR2 would be the choice.
for window xp or vista:

512MB is minimum requirement for end-user
1024MB is normal for standard user
2048MB is for extremely gamer or graphic heavily user

DDR2 is saving more 50% power and 30% more faster than DDR, but now came out DDR3 and DDR4 is coming out.
(you wouldn't see any different if you're know nothing about computer tech.)

For me, i'm using CORSAIR better and faster. (I get at very low price, dealer price lolz)
If you ask me, DDR2-667 1024MB from a good company is enough for a heavy gamer too.
Today games require more processing power than high memory capacity.
If you're talking about graphics, then it's another story...
Also, when you find a memory, check if the motherboard works well with it!
A good example is G.Skill PC6400 (cl4) and Gigabyte's GA-965P-DS3 conflict. These two just won't work together!
For RAM, I recommend the following:


Those are the two I recommend. For higher speeds, you may want to look into the newer DDR2 memory.
I have used many different brands of ram, never really had any problems with any. Just check the reviews, you want the lowest timings, highest speed i.e. DRR2 800, and price. And as with any thing CHECK THE WARRENTY BEFORE BUYING. Lifetime is the standard as far as most ram goes.
I have a stick of kingston and a stick of samsung (got it from my old comp) totally 1gig, serves my purposes well, though 2 gigs right now is basically the standard for gaming and other heavy applications.
Just get the best once witch ur mobo can take up 2. U never can get enough RAM. Am guessing u are using a windows pc. Sooo most of microsoft 2007 softwares need more RAM.
Corsair XMS or Kingston ValueRAM. Get the XMS if you can afford it, it is usually worth the extra $10 or so.
It all depends on what you do. With today's programs it's good to go with at least 1GB.

If you're a true gamer, you know that having lots of memory isn't always the best way to go as the higher the amount of memory, the higher the latency issues.

So it's not just an issue of how much.

If you're into running a lot of applications at once, of course having more memory will help you out.

So there's a balance issue that you must decide on depending on your software needs.

If you can tell us what you typically do on your computer, it would be easier as to how much and what type of memory to recommend.
It all depends on what you do. With today's programs it's good to go with at least 1GB.

The amount of RAM you need really depends on the OS and hardware. If you're planning to run XP, 512 MB is essential for most hardware setups if you want it to run smoothly (though you can get away with 256 MB, I don't recommend it). With lower-speed processors (eg. Pentium IIIs, slower Pentium IVs and Celerons), 512 MB is a must. 1 GB is even better, if your MB supports it especially if you don't have a decent graphics card with inbuilt processor or RAM (for example, the graphics adapter inbuilt on most motherboards today). And once you get to Vista, 2 GB of RAM becomes a really good idea.

For things like video (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, etc.) processing, you need at least 512 MB for Celerons in the 2-3 GHz range, and for P4s around the 3.0 GHz mark or faster, 1 GB of RAM is essential if you're to take advantage of the power of the CPU. I'd also recommend getting the fastest RAM your MB can support. Remember, a computer is only as fast as its slowest component.
for XP: 512MB PC2700 or better for an average user. For gamer: 1024MB of DDR2 600

for vista: 1 Gig of DDR2 600 or better for normal user. for gamer: 2 Gigs of DDR2 800 or better

As for brand: Crucial is most respected and known to be stable, but for price, I have found corsaire and wintec to be great as well. I have actually baught two 1 gig sticks of wintec due to price, I haven't seen any bad reviews of it.
I also have had nothing but good RAM from Crucial. I have two 1GB DDR Ballistix sticks in my comp right now, and it runs beautifully.

Definitely make sure that any RAM you get is compatible with your motherboard though. Some mobo's are extremely picky.
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