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Laptop with installed Linux system

Did u see Linspire (a linux O.S) loaded Laptops?
They are almost 400$ with Properiety Linux O.S (About 90$)
They come with O.S Linspire with full support to daily activities:Internet,Office,Email,IM,...
Plus subscription to Linspire network to get free updates and Programs for this O.S.

Do u really think this will promote linux,or just fail and do the opposite?
I hear you; seems kind of contradictory to have a pay linux to boost the cause of Linux. I don't think that it will make an real measurable impact on the further adoption/promotion of Linux in the community as a whole.

Some time ago, TigerDirect was offering budget PCs that came installed with Lindows (as you well know, the old name of linspire, pre lawsuit from MS). Now granted, this was an option that some choose to avoid M$ but in itself this packaging of a cheap os with a cheap computer did nothing to actually further the presence of Linux int he community.

I, personally, think that the things that will promote Linux will be M$ itself and more importantly, easier to use Linux distros such as Ubuntu. M$'s role will come from their new product and programs, such as Vista, which is resource heavy and requires much more in the ways of a base machine's system requirements which will isolate A LOT of current PC owners who will not be so happy to abandon what they know to be a good system just because M$ says to. Also, M$ will assist in their adoption of technology(limitations) such as this blasted DRM that they are pushing... sure, let me purposely purchase something that is going to limit my use! This will turn people away... no one likes to be policed... especially by their computer. If you couple these two things that M$ is currently doing with a distro of Linux that is free and as easy (or easier) to use than a M$ product then the IT community will start pushing it. Currently they push MS because this often times makes their jobs easier and is widely supported but if MS makes it harder to use their products, as they currently are, and Linux becomes a more implementable cheap solution, well... substitution will begin...
One of the main reasons that's holding back Linux adoption (and there are many, unfortunately) is that Windows is basically the only OS currently available on OEM machines. OEM-installed Linux is definately a good thing!
I think that its a great idea. You're confusing the $50/yr subscription to get any free software (or discounted) that you want with one, or two, mouse clicks. The OS is free. Many programs are included. I can guarantee that there are more things for free included before you even think of CnR (which you can subscribe to for free now, BTW - except for non-free software). A lot of these programs that you get included in the subscription price would otherwise cost a lot. Think about how much software that you got on your Windows computer for free and how much else that you got for free afterwards without pirating it. These laptops are a steal at that price.

Oh, and where can we get a Windows installed laptop for $400 (with MS Office, Photoshop, and a good pile of games)? I'd like to know.
CnR is now free of charge? That only leaves one major problem with Linspire left to deal with: the fact that it runs everything as root.
corey wrote:
Oh, and where can we get a Windows installed laptop for $400 (with MS Office, Photoshop, and a good pile of games)? I'd like to know.

Any laptop (with decent specs) at $400 is a deal... As far as the above goes tho... I dunno... I also don't know where we can get a linux one with MS Office, Photoshop and a pile of good games (?)... Apples to apples and oranges to oranges... I could however show you links to comparablely priced windows matchines that can easily be upgraded Smile with GIMPShop, OpenOffice and some great open source games...

Don't get me wrong... I love the idea of a giant linux swap... I also love the idea of cheap computers.... I just cannot help but wonder if this cheap computer with $90 a proprietary Linux is the best value - I mean, couldn't you get a laptop with no OS for the same price, with better HW specs (because of the funds available from not paying for Linux) and just install Ubuntu or Debian yourself - All that other stuff that linspire puts on there is available to be installed freely on other Linux OS? Or am I wrong in this statement? Is there something that Linspire gives that no other linux can claim?
Linspire offers "ease-of-use" for people migrating from Windows. Sounds very dubious to me (never used it).
I used a version of Lindows some time ago - it was definitely easier to migrate to than any of the other distros that were around at that point in history. I was using Slackware and Windows as my primary OSes and there was no doubt that for someone not wishing to hash out all that is Linux that Lindows (Linspire) was the way to go...

Now there are other options; Ubuntu is wonderful if you are wanting to get into Linux for free. Their based on Debian so you have the synaptic package manager which makes installing software a breeze - also, if you get any version of it except Feisty Fawn 64x (for now anyways), you can get Automatix for those non-free needs... for free...

I am running Feisty Fawn x64 on my DV6000t notebook without any problems... there are a few 'issues' that I had to work around but it was nothing too difficult + it helped me learn... But, out of the box everything worked including my wireless and bluetooth!
You can bet with a Linux distro based in Linspire, try Freespire, is the same stuff but free and with more drivers, codecs and support. Very Happy
Dell is moving more in the right direction with pre-loading linux on desktops. Linspire will do it's part in promoting linux. However, they are not really holding true to what linux's foundations are and thus I believe that this will lead to it's ultimate downfall. Dell on the other hand, pre-loading true versions of Linux on their new machines actually may have something.
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