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Laptop Buying advice

I want a Laptop of less than 1000CAD(Yes I am in canada) inclluding taxes.

I'd recommend AMD over Intel,
I need a brand distributor nearby,
I need it quickly(Process order quickly),I tried emachine but they said they 'll ship in a month.

Thanks in advance
go to the store and buy one that's the fastest method!
Try Dell on-line, you can specify exactly what you want and deliver to your door anywhere in the world.
Try Tiger Direct. I have used them in the US a couple of times. They have very fast shipping and great customer service. If you don't have a good computer retailer close to you they would be a great second option they have all of the major brands.
As much as I would like to recommend a local company, I'd suggest you avoid MDG at all cost. Their deal may be great, but their ethics are a load of crap.

I bought a MDG PC and they obviously claimed that all parts are brand name, except it didn't say the Monitor, the Casing, The Fan etc. the stuff people don't pay attention to anyway are Generic.

Their warranty is crap, in one section you agree to imdenify them in the event it's their fault for a problem, even if they knew about it. If you compare it to IBM, they atleast will hold themselves liable to a certain extend.

Also another complaint about their warranty is that they have to service your device from Modifications at the cost of $100+/hr which most PC Technicians only charge $30-60/hr and are as highly qualified as them.

And they obviously inflate the values of the gifts they give, A while back there was a Skype phone valued at $99.00 on their ads that I found for $50.00 downtown.

And the free upgrades are also too good to be true, If you take the 500 GB HDD upgrade for example and your model of choice had a 250 GB, they will downgrade the RPM level from 7,200 to 5,400 which a good HDD needs atleast 7,200 RPM,

Anyways, if you need a laptop, I'd recommend going to Future Shop or Best Buy and get one ASAP, go for Toshiba or Acer, there not bad and they are stylist.
You could try e-bay. I got a Dell E1505 with Office 2003 for $640US delivered. It looks like it belonged to a Dell employee or an employee of a Dell affiliate. I priced it on Dell's site $1575 new. Mine was 3 months old. The only thing it was missing was the Media Center remote control. Dell let me transfer the last 9 months on the warranty.
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