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My works!!

I will post my ORIGINAL works here! Help me my telling me my short comings, and tell me if they are OK.

I hope you will enjoy reading them!!

If you think they have been copied then tell me!!

Greets and Thanks!!

A Strange Journey Into A Land Of Mysteries


The first day I went to school riding a monster;
There was a huge building standing tall and mighty,
Glassrooms that were not even made of glass, and
A tea cher who never ever made tea.


High walls surrounding us had sparkling diamonds on the top, and
Trees with high branches that reached me when the wind blew hard,
Ferocious and fiery dragonflies me around and gave me a run,
The first day at school was completely a fun.


There was even a haunted house with stained windows,
And eerie ghosts that called my name back.
Towards the far end of the grass field, there was a treasure
Waiting for me to find it out.


When the huge gong rang with its melodious note -
The monster took me back home,
Racing with his brothers running as swift as him.


But, now that I have gone to school for eleven years;
The building has become old and small,
The classrooms are only meant for classes.
Now, the teachers wear specks and have sticks heavily oiled.


I can jump over the low walls -
With broken glasses on the top.
And, it hurts my head when I chase the dragonflies -
Below the low branches of the trees.


The haunted house is no more haunted with the ghosts gone,
Now, that I know that it was my echo that called back.
Treasure in the field I could never find out.
When the electric bell rings - machines called buses take me back home.

And, now what I have to do is only study, study and study.


Tell me if this shot at poetry was O.K. or pathetic!! Very Happy
you could have written all these stuffs in one post.
I have merged your posts above. Double-Posting is specifically against the Frihost Forum Rules. You posted 8 items in a row - this is points system abuse.

Do not do it again! Evil or Very Mad
Nice poems Cool Gj !!
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