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Runescape -

What do you think about the game runescape?

I rekon it has bad graphics bad music but it good wwhen you have freinds online and when you are a high level -(Im level 90)-

Write dsome stuff what you dislike and like about RUNESCAPE such as

I hate Runescape cause its boring, the game play is bad and everyone is annoying.

I like Runescape cuase its the best game out

Something like that Razz
Ugh. Runescape. No.

Runescape? Might as well be playing Neopets or Habbo Hotel. Another pointless online game that delivers zero fun and is run by some weirdos that were sexually abused as a kid.

I hate Runescape, I think it's the worst game out there. It wastes alot of time, you could be doing something much more productive than sitting there fighting pixels on Runescape. I had a friend that liked Runescape. I would go to his house and all he would do is play that stupid game Runescape. He's not my friend anymore, but that's beside the point. Runescape sucks, don't play it. Please do us all a favor and play some GOOD multiplayer games. Ugh.

Its just plain awful...please there are like much more multiplayer games out there that are better.
Hmm, it still exists?

I must admit I really dislike that game. It looks awfull, and the gameplay is just horrible, if tehre even is any. But somehow, a lot of people seem to like it, and continue playing it. I tried it out myself a while ago, played for like 15 min, then I got bored. Says it all actually.

The graphics look awfull, gameplay s*cks.. Can't say anything good about it actually. But hey, that's my opinion..
ye i admit the graphics are terrible but i mainly played cuz all my friends play so i can talk to them there instead of msn.
Looks like the vote is in. Runescape is awful.

However...I know an 11 year old who LOVES the game to the point he plays it for hours.
ok people stop saying its the worst game ever if your gonna call a game the worst how about you go try to take 3 years or so to program it and then keep it up to date it aint easy and runescape i say is boreing but it is the best game made in java there is its a fact to because no one else has ever done it
Okay for one thing, Runescape isn't a bad game, but RUNESCAPE 2 is absolutely dreadful. Runescape 1's graphics are better. I don't appareciate you people. I loved Runescape 1 until one day Jagex said only members can play it due to people abusing RS1. WHY JAGEX WHY!!!
I used to play, but then my life got way... umm... Let's say crazy.

My brothers however got really good, and really rich.

They used to be on the computer all day playing, and I never got to use it.

They were members, and they had a P-hat Shocked

(And like 6 santa hats)

I got alot of the new items (Like easter ring, ween' skull, ween' zombie head and that stuff)
Not a game I ever got around to playing. I've heard a few good things about it being a classic for good gameplay (Which is something some software manufacturers overlook nowadays).

You've sparked my interest, might give it a looky loo Razz
It may not have the best gameplay, but as said before the dedication and genius of the java programming is amazing. I'm taking computer science which teaches us java and I still see no way of even starting to program something so expansive with high quality java graphics.
No thanks i DONT like runescape it's very boring!
This should be locked. There is an official runescape thread.
Even if Runescape has a poor graphic and maybee is pointless in playing nobody can say that it's really that bad. I never see the poing in playing poker or golf on the computer. And Runescape is just a game to make time fly, just like neopets, sims, and other games, it's not for what is good or bad games.

I hate games that has an end, so Runescape is almost on that list. I hate the end games because I usualy come to the end in a week if I play it, withc is no fun for me becasue I have payed some money for it.

People has diferent openions for games, just like movies and other things.
Im taking break from RS atm, but i dont have nothing bad to say about that game... keep in your minds that its game you can play with your browser, so no wonder there isnt same graphs as in WoW.
I am lv 84, I still pay for the membership, yet I only play about 2 hours a week. Even though the game is some what fun, there actually are better games out there, for example, World of Warcraft, or if thats too expensive, Guild Wars, or if you're a cheep bastard, play Silkroad, or some free MMORPG, theres many out there, but for now, runescape is the best "in browser" MMORPG, because I don't think there is any other "in browser" mmorpgs.
Runescape? is this open source? cause i think i've read it somewhere that this game is open source. but i havent tried playing it though.
dac_nip wrote:
Runescape? is this open source? cause i think i've read it somewhere that this game is open source. but i havent tried playing it though.

i dont think it is... play the game give it a try ;D then love or hate it...
I forgot to say that I am level 70. It is more fun when your this high cause you can do interesting stuff like PK.
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