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Hypothetical Situations

If you could go away for 3 days... disappear... where would you go and what would you do?

I would take the chance to explore the mountains near my home. Hike and camp for 3 days, without worrying about my responsibilities at home. Enjoying the solitude and quiet perhaps even writing and sketching a bit. Depends on how heavy my backpack was though. Watching the stars and contemplating the meaning of life, then up with the sun to start another day. Give me a week and I'd be in heaven, but alas I would settle for 3 days.
Three days sitting at the casino around my house playing some cards. I love going there because people know me by a different name and the only responsibility I have there is to just sit abck and have some fun. Playing cars just relaxes me and lets me forget about all the drama that comes with real life.

three days for spend with my little son, play with him, take him to a lake and go away in a boat...
3 days of snowboarding would do it for me.
Ray Gravin
I would go back to the little town in southern Ohio were I spent my teenage years. I would spend my time walking down the railroad tracks that I used to take to get to my best friends house. I would walk the streets of the trailer park that I spent my weekends and summers running around like a hooligan with the rest of my friends. I would walk down town and walk the streets like I used to when I needed time to think, admiring the stain glass windows of the churches. I would visit the gravel pit on the far end of town and climb the abandoned buildings that used to stand there and just rust. I would swim in the quarry and camp out next to the little water fall I used to camp out at when I snuck out of the house with my buddies. I would sit and sketch the tressal were we would meet in the darkness of the latest hours of the night. etc etc etc
Anywhere with my love... but first I need a love

For three days I'd lock myself in my room and only sit on the computer LOL
The internet. Very Happy

Or, slightly more realistically, I'd probably disappear into the nightlife of some major city... having not really experienced such a thing before.
I'd chill with my girlfriend in rural NSW (Australia)
Maybe I'd try getting back into aggressive skating at a nice skate park. Used to do that for a while and I miss it a bit. Just never really bothered to take it up after a few incidents. Would be a fun 3 days Razz
Spend it with my wife and kids on the Cayman Islands
I haven't seen my girlfriend in over a year... long distance relationship. I'd spend those three days somewhere quiet with her, perhaps a cabin somewhere in the rocky mountains Smile
Assuming that I don't need to spend some of that time travelling to the location, I would say Egypt. I would love to ride a camel to the pyramids from the nearest town being guided by a guide on a camel that is very nice but doesn't speak much english.
3 days out in L.A gettin 2 know a load of ppl n makin connections
I would also like to go somewhere away from it all. No place springs to mind as there aren't any mountains near here. Very Happy But somewhere calm and tranquil would be appreciated right about now.
Are we figuring on hypothetical funds to finance the trip? Wink

My wife and I have wanted to do a canoe trip on the Zambezi River for a while. My understanding is that the lower Zambezi is a truly amazing place to view wild life.

Of course, if I have to pay for the trip myself, I guess I would spend it backpacking in Arizona.
If I'll be gone for 3 days, maybe I'll live in an island like a cast away nomad. I'll just bring myself without any stuffs.
I would love to go anywhere for 3 days. I live in australia and I have always been to busy to take an overseas trip. I have never left this country. I have seen 70% of the country side here, but I havnt yet crossed the ocean. However I am getting married in a little over a years time so im guessing the first time will be with my beautiful new wife on our honeymoon. But i dont think I will do much siteseeing! Cool
I would grab my surfboard and some money, go down to somewhere in southamerica and do some surfing...

or i would like to dissappear into a workshop and build me some furniture.

or really ide go anywhere
They all sound great, and of course there are hypothetical funds Hobo, it is anything we want right!? Very Happy I revise my situation tho, I have so many heck I'll just add to it! I want to spend three days stranded on a remote unknown island (with all the amenities, lol don't ask) just bask in the sun and swim in the ocean, find the mythical hot springs, see mythical creatures and drink till all the rum's gone! Oh yes, I'll take Johnny Depp with me Laughing
SirDuncan wrote:
three days for spend with my little son, play with him, take him to a lake and go away in a boat...

Excellent choice!

As for me: almost anywhere but where I am now!
Captain Fertile
I would love some time (3 days may be too long to be away from the family one or two would do) to sit alone on a warm beach or in a remote forest, even the top of a snow capped mountain in a wooden chalet by a roaring log fire - somewhere really relaxing where nobody knows me and so I would be able to just sit and map out what I am going to do for the rest of this year and beyond.

No kids screaming, no bills flopping onto the doormat, no phones ringing, no wife telling me what is happening on EastEnders (whcih I don't even watch) and most of all no internet to distract me.

Just me, a notebook and a pen - a large pina colada too would be nice since you're asking. Cool
HoboPelican wrote:
Are we figuring on hypothetical funds to finance the trip? Wink

Hope no... Cause I would love to spend these 3 days with my lovely boyfriend in some REALLY expensive hotel.
Duncan Idaho
I was thinking that I might spend the days at Chinese restaraunts, and my nights in the bathroom. Hey, we all have to make room for more food, don't we?
Why not just take the three days you would spend in front of the computer and do it????
Three days isn't a long time!
In the last three days (I think I spend all my days doing just what I want) I volunteered at an old age home and at a dog shelter, I also spent time with my mom, my brother in law (and his girlfriend)........
Now I"m in front of the computer for an hour before going to a yoga class....
Life is a joy if you make it so....
Its only a hassle if you want it to be....
Fright Knight
I will go to Ilocos Norte and to its beautiful Paway lake. I saw the photos of my mom there in that province when she went their with her fellow nurses. It was a very good view not to mention the place is clean and green. I'll be lying in the shores of Paway lake for a day and go visit other historical place in that province. Wow. How I wish I could go there right now. Too bad it's too far from here and I still have my class. But summer here in the Philippines is near. I think i could go there and relax for a while.
Well i live in australia and i always wanted to go to disney world or some type of theme park with HUGE roller coasters.
I love the feeling of being on them, so much fun, and no worries at all.
Now the idea of this happening often would be a different hypothetical situation and would change what I would do.

Then just tell me... is it a one time a life, or a very often hypothetical situation?
I would spend my time paintballing non-stop (if I could afford to do that kind of thing for three days).
I suppose that by the end of that time I would be some sort of hyper-alert maniac who jumps at small noises and attacks people if they accidentally stand behimd him.
If I can choose when to get 3 days away from work, university and the rest of the insanity I'd definitely take the 3 days off during summer to enjoy some relaxation and unwinding at the beach during the days and with the gf for the nights Wink
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