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G.N.r comeback(is it possible)

Guns and Roses have been my favourite since i started listening songs. And i have a feeling that they will regroup and start lighting fire in the stage.what do u say?
dear god I hope not. Laughing
Ya i like their music. but there are lots of other band which has emerged and has become famous. Will their comeback be successful..!!
GNR as in Axl, Slash and the rest (velvet revolver+axl) or the new GNR Axl and the new group? I haven't listened to their new stuff but I love the old bands songs.
I'm not seeing any possibility of this. In-fact right now it'll be very very hard for them to re-group and back in the position as they were. But, if they can, that would be a history for GNR.
i really hope it would be possible but i have seen the "new" G'n'R and it was not quite like the original and best that we all know and love. it was at leeds festival last year and it was great but they lacked the fire
Only recently got into the old GNR. I like them alot.

As for the new GNR...I haven't heard them yet, but I believe they are "good".

Sorry, I don't have a source for this, but Slash went on record saying that IF they could wipe the slate clean, and they had a similar goal, they *(the OLD gnr)* could perform together again...and then said he couldn't see it happening.
Guns N' Roses will never get back together. The other band members seem to want nothing to do with Axl Rose. He brought back a sort of crappy version at one point and it seemed to only make me want to violently stab my eardrums with a screwdriver.

The other members, Velvet Revolver, are good, but without the craziness of Axl it just isn't the same. They hate one another and if they ever did get back together that would work for about a week. lol

Though GnR was a great band. Still listen to their music a lot.

I thought Axl Rose's vocals weren't that great lately, and I doubt they can ever reach the peak they did back then... there could be a comeback, but maybe not as good?
I dont think they will make a successful comeback. Their glory days are long gone, and they will not have the kind of response they once did. Its better if they stay silent, and do their current fan following do the talking. Their old classics still live on!!
if they want to make a successful comeback, they desperately need slash... his charisma and tasteful guitar playing are two major factors that made GnR such a great band
I highly doubt it. Half of them are with Velvet Revolver now, and besides, Gs n Rs still exist in the sense that Axl has found himself a band of followers. I don't like this. I like they're old stuff with the old band, but the new band just seems sacreligious, besides, the last picture I saw of Axl was of him wearing a giant baseball shirt, a bandanna and plaited hair. >.>
Guns and roses is nothing without slash. I really do not like axl. And on the other hand.. slash is nothing without guns and roses as well.

love Gn'R.. at the first.. with Steven as a drummer... 1990 i think..
Now.. so sucx..
GnR just played my hometown a month ago... though it's the 'new' GnR, not the real GnR. Why Axl doesn't just give the band a new name is beyond me.
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