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Waiting for your date to call you back!

Do you torture yourself waiting for a phone call?
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I don't know about you all, but the thing I am the worst at is waiting for the call back. I went on a date with this girl and everything went really, really well. We had a great time, meshed really well, and agreed to a second date. As I customarily do, I called her the next day to say thanks for the date and got her voicemail.

Nothing, I think, is much more dreaded in dating than getting voicemail, as that means you not only have to think up what to say on the message but then you have to WAIT for the call back. In my case she most likely has not had the opportunity to return the call yet, but the wait is such a dangerous thing! It leaves ample opportunity to think of all the reasons why that call might not be coming (no matter how probable it is that the call will come).

So I'm just wondering how many others get a little antsy waiting on that phone call either after giving someone their number or leaving a voice message for someone you are dating.
I usually am too apathetic to be nervous and waiting. If she calls back, she calls back. If not, it wasn't right.

Yet, I can definitely see where you're coming from.
you are doing it all wrong. If the date goes well, you supposed to work out the second date at the end of your first date. No waiting game. Now you are just screwed. If you keep calling her, you going to be labeled as a stalker. She's not going to call you back cuz she is shy.
I wouldn't say that she won't call him back, it all depends on how she viewed the date as going. But i do agree that you should try to set up a second date at the end of the first if you feel everything is going smoothly, that way you dont' have to worry for the call back.

As for if I ws nervous waiting for call backs. Not really, if they called me back great, if not then too bad for them =p
Waiting for a phone call!!! Really hectic job. In my case usually my gf calls, that also late night. Its almost a regular task. Now became habituated. Now if she doesn't call then i dont feel good and think of various reasons of her not calling me. But tomorrow morning early she call me and explains.
Right now while posting this text i am waiting her phone call and just to spend the time i started posting in the forum.!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Give her 2 days, if she doesn't return your call then try once more. If after taht time then forget it
maybe she's busy or something..or maybe you just slipped her mind...who knows? anything can can try calling her back...well, I don't think you should waste your time waiting for her to call back. If she wants to call baclk or has the intention to do so, she would have returned your call by now instead of keeping you in dilemma. Smile
Captain Fertile
This was one of the worst parts of being single. I hated that part with a passion.

You feel helpless and if she doesn't call you feel like the biggest loser on the planet BUT if she does call you feel like a king!

Glad all that is behind me to be honest.
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