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Counterstrike Source

I still think CSS is still the best FPS game out there..
Do you guys have aby comments, tips or criticsm???
I think that whilst it is a fantastic game, it isn't the best. It's close, but not quite there.

The strange thing is is that I can't stand the regular games of CS:S. I only really play the zombie mods. So maybe I'm not best qualified to comment on whether it's the best or not.
CSS is for me the bad game
bad graphic and bad maps
try playing call of duty.
Counter strike source is a mad game, has good graphics good maps and everything, after you get used to the buttons and game play you start owning and it becomes very fun.

If anyone has a clan i can join Im ranked like 800-900 on GA Servers and in the whole game Im ranked 972.

But still if you think CS:S is bad what about CS 1.6 that has terrible graphics everyone moves so fake people don't DIE!!.

Very Happy
It's a problem when you try and qualify something using "best" on something that is not of practical application. There is no best FPS game. CS is the most popular multiplayer FPS game out there. If popularity was the variable you'd count then you're pretty much right. (though 1.6 is the more popular version of Counter-Strike)

What makes CS so nice for me is that I can always count on it. There's always players. There's tons of servers. All my friends have it. It has solid gameplay. It's objective and team based, which I like. It's a good balance of realism/arcade fun. Also, I'm pretty darn good at it. However, I think Natural-Selection, as an example of another multiplayer HL mod, is a more interesting game. The good experiences I've had in that game far outshine the ones in CS.
A l0ot of people try to convince that i need to play , but i only playing counter-strike 1.6
someone can explain me the differences about this version ?
I've been pretty consistently playing CS since around version 1.1 and switched to CSS in January 2005.

Source is faster-paced, is smoother though probably less precise, has more realistic physics, has more complex environments for better and worse, and is generally a better experience in public servers. 1.6 is best in a competitive environment where clean lines, consistency, and intuitive behavior are more important than intense and fun action. I still love watching competitive matches in 1.6, but I hate going back to play it. The movement just feels better in Source. There are some things I wish were changed, (less barrels, cleaner geometry especially in crucial chokepoints, smaller nade clipping boxes, etc.) but overall I like playing Source more.

Generally I'd recommend just sticking with where your friends are. It's a pretty easy transition to Source, but I find it's harder to go back. There's no harm in trying it though. If you don't already have a Source game pack from Steam then you're missing out on some incredible games including HL2, EP1, and DOD:S.
can sum1 pls tell me if this is the latest counter strike game?? thx
Yes, CS:S is the latest incarnation.

It goes like this:

1. Counter-Strike (most popular, lowest requirements)
2. Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (includes some single-player)
3. Counter-Strike: Source (latest and most graphically advanced)

VALVe has mentioned in the past that they plan to make a new version of CS with a relationship to CS:Source similar to Condition Zero with the original Counter-Strike. No word on it in a long time, though. They probably changed their mind. We probably won't see another version until Half-Life 3 comes out.
I loved CSS till i was playing it! it was kinda jerky in the initial stages, but frequent updates have made sure that it runs stable on any system. It had the right mix of graphics and gameplay, although most would argue that cs 1.6 is the best CS game yet..

Right now i play CS 1.6 and CZ
css is most played fps on xfire
Not only that, but CS 1.6 alone has TWICE as many players at any given time than both BF2 and BF2142 combined, the next two most popular games. It just blows away the competition in player count.

In terms of numbers, all of the CS versions combined has about 125k players. Compare this to all of the Battlefield games combined at around 35k. No other games come closer. (Wolfenstein: ET, Call of Duty, and Unreal Tournament are the next most popular games/series)
I play CS:S...a lot...and I guess I have a limited perspective because I never really played CS 1.6 online. My friends and I played 1.6 at the LAN parties we hosted, but other than that, I never had any real experience with it (we mostly played TFC). However, from my experience with CSS, I can tell you this: While the gameplay is great, sometimes the hit boxes can be a little screwy. Also, CSS is one of the easiest games to 'hack' in online play. Yet, the online experience is still rewarding because with so many players, there are a ton of legit people too. Sometimes it's hard to tell if someone is hacking or not, because they are so 'skilled'.

As for the 'best' game? I don't want to say CS:S is the best, but it definitely fits my play style.

Oh, and if your looking for a CS:S clan, check out my website.
CSS is really great when you need a to play a quick game where not everyone are 1337s. I play CSS a lot, but I'm not very good. At least, I kill more then I die. But overall, CSS is a great, quick game to play.
thx 4 letting me know abt the order of releases. i used to play CS at my frnz place but i'm not sure which version it was. anyways, it's a really good game!!
I have been playing Counter-Strike ever since version 1.3, and I must say over the past years it has been modified in ways that are muchly improved from years ago. I would say that CS is one of the best FPS's out there that is still popular with the gaming community, it never died down and I believe it never will die down truthfully. It is one of the best online games that plays perfectly if you have a fast internet connection, which is one of the reasons why it's so exciting. Valve will continue to improve/modify/add-on to the Counter-Strike: Source community. Truly one of the best games ever made.
Yes you have right! It is the best FPS game but I not play it that often anyway. Other games are funnier.
I believe that Counter-Strike: Source is the best FPS ever! It is still popular with the gaming community. This game has been going on for years. The popularity of this game and the fact it has been going on for years, clearly makes it one of the best FPS of all time!
I know it is hard to say it is the "best", but it has the most players and I think it is one of the few games that actually require skill and even a little intelligence... If you are good at CSS you are good at every FPS game out there..
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