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Best screenshot from my 3D game = 50 Frih$

Should this contest be closed
 75%  [ 3 ]
 25%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 4

Who can take the best screenshot from my 3D game (Wilderness)?

NB: As I get more frih$, and bether Game versions the reward will grow.


1. Do not edit youre screenshot in any way.

2. I can use youre screenshot as I want.

3. You can only post 2 images each contests.

Thats all Smile

Download site:, or just my signatur.

Currently reward: 0 Frih$

Status: - Contest CLOSED to the next game version comes.


1st contest:
Unzoomed with this screenshot:

Here's a little something from me Smile.. I think the pic is really beautiful Very Happy
Dont you just love the view?
Realy nice Very Happy

I see it is something wrong with the UV textures on youre computer, I will fix this in the next version.

Ok you lead Wink Someone else want to post their images?
It looks like Unzoomed will easily get this frih$...

Come on all! One day left!
Unzoomed get his reward, but now I start a new contest and this will not stop before I got at least 5 screenshots.

Come on! Who can take the best screenshot from my game?

Status: Contest 2 open! (Close after a week if 5 screenshots is posted)

Reward: Now 25 Frih$
Ok, I see 25 frih$ is to small reward eh? Very Happy

Well I double the reward then, now you will get 50 Frih$ for the best screenshot of my game. Its not so hard to take a screenshot... Or is it? Rolling Eyes

Come on! 50 frih$ to the best screenshot. Very Happy
Well, atleast I am active at this topic lol... Because it is so few posts here, I made a poll if you want to close this contest. This is an easy way to get money, but if none have voted or posted a screenshot in 7 days I have to close it. I dont want to be active in a topid where none is. So if YOU want this easy frih$, post a screenshot or I close this contest.

Im sorry, but its up to YOU. Cool Im waiting....
Star Wars Fanatic
I think no has entered this contest because they don't want to play the game... Maybe if it had better graphics some people might want to spend the time searching for a good picture of it. Just some ideas...
I know, its not to good graphics yet... Sad

I think you will more like the new beta thats come soon. It will get some more details.

Anyway, its still 50 Frih$ for almost nothing.
Hope you like it! Smile
Its ok Smile

Good that someone post screenshots, but now I see its very bad graphics because of the bad textures, models and low detailed world. I will try to get it bether in next version.
I believe that this 'contest' is just a way for you to advertise your game.
Of course it is! And what is wrong with that? Im just paying you to test my game, but you dont have to. Alot of people make logos, banners, models etc. etc. for 50 frih$, and here you just have to take a screenshot.

But you seriously dont want the 50 frih$ just because it is advertisment?
Boffel i will more than happy make you a logo for your game for just $25FriH.
No problem with that. Just PM me the details. We will see what we can do from there Wink.
I dont need a logo yet, but perhaps later. First I need to start make a menu for the game so I can see where a logo can fit. But I will contact you if I need one later. Thanks anyway...

By the way... I will close this contest for now, but perhaps I will open it again after the new version comes. Then I have some more details in the game...
Captain Fertile
This is the first time I have visited this thread. In the future if you run this comtest give me a PM (in case I miss it again), I will download the latest version of the game and try to enter some screen shots. Very Happy
Thanks alot Very Happy I will try to get bether graphics on the game soon. Very Happy
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