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What the best game of Snooker????

I like snooker, but no know none game of snooker to PC..
Tell what snooker game you play! Laughing
Is ok, but i dont have alot of references towards similar ones.

Still, its quite hard to get a realistic feeling for snooker on a PC Confused
whiskers27 its awsome to play pool and snooker

it has 8ball, snooker and 9ball. it is very realistic if you know how to handle it. the problem is that they don't have bots for snooker.

The Art Of Billiards Play - hold the cue in your hand
We offer you not only the modern 3D game with excellent graphics and most realistic physics simulation. We want to create the real feeling of billiard competition and enable you to hold the cue in your hand.

Online Internet Game - the spirit of play
The ‘8BallClub’ is a worldwide sports competition between opponents from around the world. In our Online Game Server you can find this specific billiards atmosphere and offers a chance to battle real players.

All of the most popular games: 8-ball, snooker, 9-ball
You can play all of the world's most popular billiard games: 8-ball, snooker, 9-ball. Also you can train your billiard skills by choosing a practice game. All games in accordance with the Billiard Official Rules

And a few rules for online gaming


The standards general rules apply to all pocket billiard games, although some rules have been slightly modified to accommodate the online playing. You can use them for the real game as well as for 8BallClub Online Game. All actions and fouls are automatically controlled.

The special time limit foul
In order to keep matches moving and on schedule we have an instituted a time limit on strokes. A player has a limited time to play each shot.

The object ball frozen to cushion or cue ball
This state can be the vexed question of playing and not applies in our Game. Also the “touching ball” rule of the snooker game is not applied.

In basic the rating works so that the further apart two players are the more points can be won. Beating players ranked high above you will gain you more points than beating someone below yourself. You can win/loose in one game the amount of 25 points if two players are on equal rating, or from 45 to 5 points then the ratings are different.
The best simulator is Virtual Pool 3:
This is a games website where you will find a lot of online games. In this you can find Billards on the top 10 chart. I really don't know the difference about the types of games, but I usually play Billards or Pool, watever. Check this website and you will find lots of games.
ya virtual pool is a very good game.
used to play it a lot earlier.
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