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Windows XP Re-install

I purchased an e-machine awhile ago, and want to re-format the hard drive and re-install Windows XP. Will I be able to re-install Windows XP using the recovery discs I created? In other words, do the recovery discs have all the necessary files to restore the e-machine to factory settings?

I heard that a partition on my hard drive has the necessary files required to re-install XP. If I erase all data on my hard drive by re-formatting it (including the recovery partition), will I still be able to re-install XP. My assumption is, and please correct me if I'm wrong, the recovery discs I created copied the files located in the recovery partition on the hard drive.

Thanks for the help! Smile
Most of the time, the recovery partition is hidden and you wouldn't erase it anyways. Yes, most "recovery" type restorals are based off a hard drive type fix. Your computer is likely the same, in that respect. In order to see what you have, you could fire up a partitioner ad see what you have for partitions. As far as wiping the recovery partition, its less likely that you'll end up doing that, as its usually hidden or obviously not your "C" drive.
what is the firm maker of the notebook?,
Is it a notebook?
If you created recovery CDs or DVDs from recovery partition. Now you can delete the recovery partition. Smile
And still you will be able to reinstall winXP to its factory condition using your recovery CDs
pluto, I have an eMachines and I had problems with my windows so I used the recovery CDs you were that were made when you first got your PC. I did it a week or two ago. You just put in the 1st CD and then restart your PC and hit "R" to start the process. It's pretty self-explanatory after that. It'll ask for the other CDs when the time comes so watch tv or something because this will take around 1-1.5hrs.
Thanks to everyone who contributed; I can now move forward with confidence! Very Happy
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