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10frih$ for help with deleted public_html

I'm a newbie here, and I accidentally deleted teh public_html file and now I can't access my web page. I am willing to pay up to 20frih$ if someone will help me learn how to create mine and help me learn to maintain it. Thanks, email me at with Frihost in the subject for help, or post here.
O.o Ok, well Ive never done that.... nor am I comfortable re-enacting the scenario to help you to the fullest extent. But seeing as how they are created automatically this shouldnt be too hard to fix ^_^.

Well, all you should really need to do is create a new folder with the following folder inside of it in the approproiate location

(contains the folder)

then re-upload all your stuff for your web-site (presuming you have a back up, which you always should)

and the frih$ are totally unnecessary. You could have posted this in Web Hosting Support and gotten the same answer for free. Any other questions?
Yes, I tried that but I don't know if that bin file is still there... But its kinda pointless trying to help me right now as all my HTML thing I use are not working... Frontpage doesn't work and then reinstalling it it was missing a file... then the New SharePoint doesn't work. So I'll update this when I get one working again.
Ok, but the bin thing has no real files. Or if it does, they are hidden from me O.o. In which case the server should (I say should) re-make them.
I've checked your account and the public_html file is there. You need to upload files to domains/ - make sure you name your "home" page index.html (or index.php, index.htm etc. - the file extension doesn't matter, but the first page must be called "index")
I just created the Public and I moved the files into there, but they still do not work. In the help manual site is shows the public HTML thing had a arrow on it, mine does not. I'm still trying to get Frontpage running again and am currently trying to figure this out. Do I need to have a folder under Public for all pages besides the home page, or do I need to put public under my domain folder? This is confusing... Can't image haveing to fix microsofts site.
Ok, I'll reset your account. I'll also -close- this topic since it won't be needed anymore.
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