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Racing Strategy-Whats your stategy?

My strategy is to take out the competition, then trash them when I lap them. Unless damage is on. Or its 'pole position'(The Game by Namco).

Whats your racing strategy?
Do you have any accessories like a wheel or PC pedals?
And what game is you favorite racing game?
Mgamerz wrote:
My strategy is to take out the competition, then trash them when I lap them. Unless damage is on. Or its 'pole position'(The Game by Namco).

Whats your racing strategy?
Do you have any accessories like a wheel or PC pedals?
And what game is you favorite racing game?

I generally (racing games in general) stay behind the other cars to pick up speed. If the game is like Burnout and has things like pit manuvers, I try to do that when I'm on the last lap or second to last lap.
My one of the most favourite games it Brood War.
From on line of games Solkroad and Lineage2
From simulators Sims
depends on which game.

In NFS, I nitro alot.
I on't usually play racing games, but when I do I usually go straight when the road is straight to pick up speed and pass any other cars, then when the turns come, I slow down and turn as close as I can to the bend. Then if I get annoyed-driver-in-traffic syndrome, I ram them Wink
don't play racing games much, so there is no fixed srtategy or nething, but I go for speed...NEVER take the finger off the acceleration button Rolling Eyes

...maybe thats why I don't play racing games much Wink.
On streight aways, when you know a turn is about to come up, move to the lane on the inside, and hit any acceleration you can, ie nitros. If the game you are playing does not have this, move out the lane slightly but not in the middle of the track.

Once you have moved to this or if your using nitros, go streight into the turn, and hit the E-brake and skid into the turn, then punch the gas.

This will help you maintain your speed, and rough the corners quick, without being passed.
Well, since the only racing game I play is Mario Kart, I usually take out my enemies using the weapons at my disposal. I also do lots of power sliding, which is great for making my way around turns.
I just go as fast as possible bank the turns and bounce off the wall. Just hope for the best
Drive in the pitlane in the wrong direction, You're going 200 and, Try to run in it, an invisble wall could only stop me from doing that ! Crying or Very sad
If you're playing an actual racing simulator with realistic physics involved, it's quite simple. Turning is key.

The greatest velocity you can take into a corner can be achieved by following the best "line." As you know, when you force your car to turn, some of the energy that could be used for straight acceleration is used instead for braking and/or turning. The faster you go, the harder it is for you to maintain the angle of the attack.

First, figure out the proper line...without getting too technically involved in discussions about circumferences, you want something that'll come closest to moving straight. The inner lane creates the path with the smallest radius; the outer lane creates a greater radius but it still isn't the most efficient path. The best path to take is one where you start on the outside, finish moving to the inside just shortly past the center of the turn (the apex), and end on the outside again.

Because more of the car's energy is dedicated to moving forward (ie less turning motion), this gives you a greater exit velocity than you'd otherwise attain.

After you figure that out, it's a matter of properly braking before your turns so that you can properly accelerate through the curve.
in a racing atmosphere like GTA.... a restrictionless racing track/... it sounds to be the best idea to find out the shortcuts..... the auto-racing competitors will mostly be bound to the roadsor the relatively broader shortcuts only...... so going for the small alleys..available ramps or through the parking lots often puts you far far ahead the competitors... at the other end, risking hill jumps... breaking road fences... gives kinda thrill too:)

in some cases, GTA races have close check point whoch keep u on the main track and dont let you use shortcuts... for such thing i would agree to the above post..turning points are important for lead.. another tip is...not let the back side of car be smacked by anyone from side... if it surely gonna have a 90 degree turn on the road:)
try avoiding smacks to get accelleration!
oh racing game for me is definitly Juiced! played it with the wheel, and boy, i spent hours and hours playing showoff in that game. with the wheel, it's a completly different dimmension!
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