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user's updateable homepages

sorry to bother you when you are sooooo busy , but i have a question. to create and "identity" in a user-how do i do it?
i have a database/mysql table with members on it. I have the login/logout script set. I have restricted acces to mapges for all people who are not logged in. No i want people to have 'kennels/homepages/stables/whateveryouwanttocallthem".

thanks SO MUCH!
These homepages that you are wanting to allow users to be able to update how are you wanting to let them update them? Will they need to know HTML or BB? Or are you wanting to give them an online wysiwyg editor? If you are wanting the later you will either need to find one that you can plug in to your site or get someone to program one for you and that will take some time to program.

The code can be kept in a database provided that it is sterilized properly and that you only allow certain HTML tags. Be careful about what you allow your users to be able to do when they are setting up a customized page and make sure that you have things set up so that they can gain access to the raw data of the scripts and the database.

Good Luck.
they would onl be able to have text that says something like this:" hi! welcome to my barn! blah blah blah!!!!"

...........i just have NO idea how to make something be displayed

i have the database and table set up, i just have NO IDEA how to make it display........

HELP? any one here want to lend a hand?
There are a few different ways that you can do this one is to write a script that gets the users homepage data from the URL using $_GET then you take the values from that value and get the information from the database then display that information.
but how do iget it so its seen? what i mean is this:
in a table you have a length value of max 255...............

but to write a layout for users, you need more than that..........

do i put it as BLOB then? how does it get edited then?
how do i differentiate between users? like lets say i have home.php, now my pal bob logs on and he wants to see HIS HOMEPAGE and update it............what do i do? how does the server know which kennel page to take him to? what code/function is required! thanks!

php is confusing...............................

~thanks Shocked
Let me think about it overnight so that I can best advise you about how to do this.

You will probably need to make a table that has a listing of the user name and a listing for the text that goes on the page that will either be a long blob or long text in the database.

The script will have to be set up so that you come in on a landing page then you select from a dynamic list of member pages that links to the right homepage which will actually be the landing page with a $_GET variable attached to it so that the page will show the text that is in the database.

Does this make sense??
anyone here willing to help out a fellow php user?
X3 Talk
If I can understand what you want, isn't what you want just this:
To get to user's page home.php?user=jones

In that page it finds the entry in the database where the username is jones. ($_GET['user']).

In the database, the type you want is TEXT.

Hope this helps.
X3 Talk
Also, if you wanted me to write some code for you I can. I have a system like that on my website (, which I am upgrading at the moment.
thanks- i am not asking for someone to do all the work for me. I want to learn. If you can, please give me an example code whcih i can learn from! Thanks for the advice!

PS: i dont fuly understand the ($_GET['user']) function and the ?user=jones
help? can somone please/ help?
i can't figure out how to make a page show a specific users section of a table! please help!
How do i get the table to recognize the exact user's home page- what part of it lets it automatically go to the specific users page????
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