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Morris Peterson to be Traded

Red Flag
Morris Peterson didn't play for the Raptors on Wednesday. The Toronto Star reports that he was held out with an ailing hamstring, but considering the guy usually plays through minor ailments -- he just had a streak of 371 consecutive games end earlier this year -- it does seem a little odd that no one talked about Peterson missing the game during the team's shootaround on Wednesday morning.

Might there be something more to this? Well, Peterson did miss practice on Tuesday, but that was because he had a flight delayed after traveling back home for the holiday. He was almost certainly fined for that, but it's not something that would get him suspended.

According to the Star, Peterson may have sat out because of a potential trade:

However, there are undercurrents to Peterson's status that caused eyebrows to be raised when team officials said about 45 minutes before game time last night that he wouldn't be in the lineup.

The seven-year veteran and longest-serving member of the team is in the final year of a contract that will pay him slightly more than $4 million (U.S.) this year, making him one of general manager Bryan Colangelo's biggest assets on the trade market.

League sources have told the Star that "several" teams enquired about Peterson's availability earlier this season when coach Sam Mitchell took him out of the starting lineup to give the job to Fred Jones.

Everyone is talking about a potential Corey Maggette for Ron Artest deal between the Clippers and the Kings out west, but I wouldn't be completely surprised to see the Clippers inquire about Peterson before rolling the dice on a headcase like Artest. The Clippers need outside shooting; the Raptors need a better small forward -- let's make a deal! Plus, the Raptors have at least $2 million of cap space to provide wiggle room making a trade.

Granted, my track record of seeing trades I make up in my head actually happen in real life is pretty bad, but even if it's not for Maggette, it won't be a surprise at all if Mo Pete is moved sooner rather than later.
Full story is here:

Oh well, he was fine while he lasted as a Raptor. I wonder what the deal is going to be. I was thinking about James Posey for Morris Peterson, but Detroit has almost sealed the deal with Bryan Collangelo, and also with Philadelphia.

Here's what I see: Flip Murray ; Carlos Delphino for Morris Peterson.
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