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NBA - Who wants Webber?

Red Flag
The Philadelphia 76ers have agreed with forward Chris Webber on a buyout of the rest of his contract. has scoured the Web to find which teams are interested in the 13-year veteran.

Jan. 14
Los Angeles Times: Webber Takes Part in Talks
"Free-agent forward Chris Webber has become personally involved in talks with the Lakers about joining the club, according to his agent, Aaron Goodwin."

New York Post: Tangled Webb
"As coherent as my logic may have been regarding Chris Webber and the Spurs joining forces, the team's commandant never seriously pondered a proposal. Shame on me for failing to take history into account as it pertains to the pair."

Hartford Courant: Webber: Detroit's Ideal Inside Man?
"What would you think about this starting five: Chauncey Billups, Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Rasheed Wallace and ... Chris Webber?" Webber Should Think Twice
"Webber has always been an excellent passer, a good mid-range jump shooter (except in clutch situations), a poor defender and an accumulator of mostly uncontested rebounds. Back in his tenure with Sacramento, he would occasionally forge into the pivot and launch fairly accurate (except in clutch situations) jump hooks. These days, Webber avoids the pivot as though the lane is littered with broken glass and he's playing barefooted. If he does decide to join the Bulls, Skiles would be at his throat in about two weeks."

Jan. 13
Detroit News: Billups Likes Idea of Webber
"If native Detroiter Chris Webber chooses to play for the Pistons, count point guard Chauncey Billups among the leaders of the welcome wagon."

New York Post: Isiah Tries to Spin C-Webb
"While all signs point toward Chris Webber winding up in his hometown Detroit, Knicks coach/president Isiah Thomas is believed to have delivered his sales pitch to C-Webb yesterday afternoon on the phone."

New York Daily News: Isiah Wise Enough to Say C(ya)-Webb
"Chris Webber turned down Isiah Thomas, and while Thomas might feel like a lover scorned, all Knicks fans should be grateful that he did."

New York Times: Knicks Are Not Among Webber’s Choices
"Isiah Thomas could not hide his warm feelings and deep appreciation for Chris Webber — as a player, as a person and as a figure who could change the N.B.A.’s playoff landscape this spring."

Los Angeles Times: Webber A Tough Player to Reach
"Free-agent forward Chris Webber has denied reports that he has decided to sign with the Detroit Pistons, and the Lakers have been trying to keep the lines of communication open, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said."

Los Angeles Times: On the Webber Watch and Next Season's Free Agents
"The Lakers can offer him about $1.2 million this season, although he is believed to be seeking a longer-term deal, which might make them less interested. At the very least, it will be intriguing to watch this unfold over the next few days."

Los Angeles Times: On the Webber Watch and Next Season's Free Agents
"The Lakers can offer him about $1.2 million this season, although he is believed to be seeking a longer-term deal, which might make them less interested. At the very least, it will be intriguing to watch this unfold over the next few days."

Jan. 12
Detroit Free Press: Heading Home
"An NBA source and a Pistons source said Chris Webber is likely to choose Detroit instead of the Miami Heat or the Los Angeles Lakers, the other front-runners."

New York Post: C-Webb, Spurs Perfect Match
"The NBA's all-time pristine passing power forward would offer overburdened Tim Duncan the everyday, all-around, frontline assistance he sorely needs and deeply deserves."

The Star-Ledger: Knicks and Nets are Long Shots to Get Webber
"Thomas always knew there was little chance the Knicks would get Webber, and he was just doing his job by checking to make sure there wasn't some way it could happen."

The Star-Telegram: Webber Looking at Mavs
"The Mavs are exploring the possibility of adding Webber to their already-deep roster, but the lack of available playing time presents an obstacle in signing the 14-year veteran."

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Sixers Left Behind Adjust to New Order
"It seems like another century, but in reality, it was only three months ago that the 76ers bonded like one big happy family in Barcelona, Spain, talking about stability and consistency and accountability and trusting each other."

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Webber Saw the Writing on the Wall Last Month
"The wheels began turning as Chris Webber sat out games, in part because of right foot and ankle problems, in part because the gap between the veteran forward and the 76ers was becoming a chasm."

Sports Illustrated: Dumping Webber the Right Call for Rebuilding Sixers
"Philadelphia's release of disgruntled power forward Chris Webber is another sign that the Sixers are headed in the right direction. Webber was never the answer in Philadelphia; the 2001 version might have been."

ESPN: Webber's Wish List: Heat, Pistons, Mavs, Spurs, Lakers
"With his buyout from the Philadelphia 76ers on the verge of completion, Chris Webber has established a Fab Five wish list of high-profile teams he'd like to play for."

Jan. 11
Philadelphia Inquirer: Buyout Deal Lets Sixers Cut Webber Loose
"The Dallas Mavericks and New Jersey Nets reportedly are very interested in Webber, 33, as are the New York Knicks, the Sixers' opponents last night. He is believed to want to play for a team with a chance to go far in the playoffs."

Star-Telegram: Mavericks Interested in C-Webb
"The word out of Webber's camp is he's looking for a situation where significant minutes are available. That wouldn't be the case with the Mavs because of the presence of All-Star power forward Dirk Nowitzki and the fact that Dallas has one of the deepest rosters in the league."

The Detroit News: Could Webber Become Piston?
"Though he didn't want to comment, Pistons president Joe Dumars confirmed the Pistons do have interest in Webber."

Los Angeles Daily News: Will Webber Land in L.A.?
"Will the Lakers enter the Chris Webber derby when the Philadelphia 76ers agree to a buyout of the former All-Star forward's contract? That was the question for Lakers coach Phil Jackson before Wednesday's game.

"I think that's been speculated for a month and a half now," Jackson said. "Chris is a great player. We have to leave that in (general manager Mitch Kupchak's) department and just allow him to suggest that or to deal with that as it comes along."

Los Angeles Times: Hypothetically, Jackson Might be Interested in Webber
"With Kwame Brown, Lamar Odom and Chris Mihm sidelined by injuries, the Lakers are short in the frontcourt, making them natural inquirers for Webber's services." Webber Has His Own Fab Five in Mind
"Webber told on Wednesday night that 17 of the league's 30 teams have already called to register interest in his services, but the free agent-to-be hopes to sign with one of the following contenders: Miami and his hometown Detroit Pistons in the East; San Antonio, Dallas and the Los Angeles Lakers in the West."

Full story:

Wow. Phila is going to suck once Webber is gone.

I wish Webber would join San Antonio. They'd have an amazing lineup:

C- Tim Duncan
PF- Chris Webber
SF- Bruce Bowen
SG- Manu Ginobili
PG- Tony Parker

Three have made the all-star team, and soon, all will.

Where do you think he may end up, and who do you think will pull an offer out of no where to give Webber?
Well I thought he would end up joining another losing team but it looks like he is trying to join a winning squad. He would be a good fit for LA. I could see him starting for LA since their weak at Forward. I doubt Kwame Brown will ever come around. Maybe Chris Webber would be able to teach him a little about the game. Lakers need another scorer desperately if they want to be a NBA finals contender.
he is going to atlanta hawks
He announced yesterday that he will sign with the Detroit Pistons. It will make the team more interesting to watch. As a Detroit area resident, I follow the Pistons and I expect his addition to the team to make the team better. He may be what Detroit needs to return to the NBA Finals.
Thats definitely a big addition on the Detroit Pistons even thou Chris Webber is not the CWEB we know on his Washington days but still his one of the most efficient and good passer on the league a total team player thats what the Pistons need.
Well.. he moved to Detroit..
I think they did good sign.. they realeased Wallas, and now they have signing Webber... so it's good thing for Detroit.
Webber returned Detroit.
I must to say that it's very good trade for Pistons.
He is exactly what they need. Good talented player with a lot of experience in the top level of the league.
Finally they found player instead of Big Ben.
Ok First off Im a born and raised Deeeetroiter. That said and I know you all feel sorry for me lets get to the topic here CWebb!!! the facts are there he was a great college player, not just because I say so look at his stats, and in reality I don't see him as a great NBA player but he is a real journeyman workhorse. He has the ability to put up the points, make the pass on the positive side but his defensive skills are lacking and No I would not want him as my clutch last second shooter, he might call a time out when you don't have any left - no wait that was college, besides the Pistons have Mr. Clutch in Chauncey Billups so Chris just possibly adds to the threat at the wire. Other than that he seems to have shown up pretty well in the first couple of games he has played with them and it is highly possible that down the road after a bit more mix and mingle time with them he may become a valuable asset to their front court.

Give him a chance and you never know those Pistons may have a shot at another title.
Well he seems to be playing okay, will need time to gel with the team.

The only problem is playing Rasheed at center, where he can really get hassled by bigger centers
Detroit does all the way! We will take him. and win another Championship in the process...just wait. Its all over! lol.
With Webber going to Pistons, they have the strongest inside starting line up -R.Wallace and C.Webber.
The Question is Webber is getting old and soon will retire
Piston is probably my most favorite team.
I'm glad with the addition of Webber, and the good thing is, if he has an injury, the Pistons can still play with great vulgar.

SF-Tashuan Prince
PF-Rasheed Wallace
C-Chris Webber

Currently ahead in the East by 2.0 games!

(the the irony is that they are more than 4 games behing the Mavs...)
as a huge Pistons fan, im glad we signed Webber. Even though he is known as a 'locker room cancer' i think he is going to help our run at the title for 2007!

Think about it which line up do you prefer?

with Flip, Lindsay, Maxiell, DIce etc on the bench



With Mohammed and the others off the bench

Option 2 looks much better to me, plus we have the option of then moving Mohammed and giving more PT to Maxiell who is going to be a star and also Dice who has been great since joining Detroit

ANd its true that sheed is only 6'10 and bigger centers could be a problem (Shaq, Yao etc) but Sheed is a great low post defender and remmeber our last center who took off to Chicago was only 6'9 Wink
Fright Knight
Webber is a good player. It made Detroit stronger OFFENSIVELY. Personally I don't think Webber is good in defense. Of course if we compare him with big ben, then webber will be a little behind. But Detroit does not depend on Ben's defense alone. The team is a very good defensive team and they might fill the defensive flaws if Webber.

I'm a detroit fan but i love grant hill. How I wish to see him healthy and a detroit pistons once more.


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