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The perfect OS - what is your opinion?

What would your opinion be of a perfect operating system? I've been tweaking with FreeBSD to get my best results for an OS that would best suit me, but I'd like to hear what other people think, even if there is no such operating system out at the time or it is just a pure theoretical OS. Let's hear those ideas! Very Happy
I have used Slackware and Backtrack. I have only used backtrack a few times but I liked it for what I needed it for Very Happy...And Slackware I'd say is a good OS...I like Linux alot but im not *nix masta
i like Mac OS is the perfect OS system ever built..
windows.. i hate them. i have been attached by all the virus and spywares several times. while in mac "ZERO"
I am a mac lover and daily user. But I strongly think that mac users should not love osx just coz it has no viruses. The most important aspects of osx is that it is 'user friendly'. Although winodws users find the whole experience wierd when it comes to using doc and finder and there is know taskbar!
There is no perfect OS for me because every system always have some bugs. Razz

Though I prefer Mac OS X because it's more user friendly than the other OS and has a lot of useful features too.

I use Debian and I found that it's pretty hard to use because I don't have that much knowledge on UNIX platforms but I'm learning now. Smile
practically asking, to me windows xp is the one for me... it has the largest software support... Smile
{name here}
Windows 2000 with an sh command line and some extra security and updated 64-bit support would be perfect IMO.
Probably no such thing as the perfect OS, but I'd say that Linux comes pretty close for me.
The perfect / best Operating System?

I would say that this is Linux. A OS which i don't know much about it.
But it - indirect - offers lots of free software, it is developed (in future, too) by thousends of developers and this is one of the best points, i think, is the security of it...
Ethan Bradley
How can you say what you favorite OS is? That's like comparing movies. Each movie is different, has a different cast, different genre, different tone, and so forth. Linux are for those who like to do more than just what is allowed in the 'sandbox' of Windows. And those in turn, all have different flavors of Linux. They each have their own purposes (Mac, Linux, Windows, BSD, etc, etc).

Also, if you have so many viruses like you say... you aren't taking the security measures that you should. I.e. Firewalls, frequent virus scanning, and do you have things like Limewire installed? Those are big contributers to viruses.

Anyway, I haven't tried Linux, but would like to. I have a biased opinion against Mac. Wink And, I like Windows...
I see, so you think it's quite normal to require half a dozen different security programs running and taking up valuable cycles and memory, just because the operating system's security is shoddy? (Not getting at you personally)
prolly theres nothing like a perfet OS in my view ....But linux is very similar to i need [:d] ...more over the best part is that i can cahnge watever i don't like and customize it the way i like

what better do i need

Linux rules
From Unix OS I prefer Ubuntu and openSUSE, but when I got it my first dvd with Mac OSx I was pretty surprised and I'm still learning this OS because is like hole without bottom.
I'll preface by saying that I've been using personal computers for about 25 yrs now, so have gone from the "Commodore 64 w/cassette drive" era to the present. I'll add that OS's--amongst geekly types--tend to be highly individual.

That said, I would suggest that, for the average user on the street, MacOSX would probably be the most suitable, as it offers the best balance of security, software titles and ease of use. I say this as a FORMER Mac user who owned 'em from the first 128k Mac through a 68040 Quaadra.

In conjunction with Macs, I also owned one or more of the following: CP/M machine (KayPro), Apple ][e, Atari 8-bit, and Intel or AMD CPU computers from 8086/8088 to present, usually with more than one OS.

Do I use such now? computer is primarily for entertainment, in all aspects of its use. I use *nix--exclusively--at a higher level of geekiness than most, on Intel and AMD platforms. My OS's of choice are NetBSD or OpenBSD, SourceMage Linux and Slackware, in no particular order. I also have Debian-stable running (on the missus' computer), as it's exceedingly simple to set up for hands-off administration (I plugged a couple of lines into the appropriate cron file & it even updates itself automatically, once a week). It's stable, stable, stable, has a good software base, is easy to find trouble-shooting help for ("Google is your best friend!") and suits her needs perfectly. In Linux, my preference is "nearly bleeding edge" for my own use, and enjoy playing around with less-user friendly OS's, hence SourceMage--although it's far and away the friendliest source-based OS I've ever seen.

For the average beginner to Linux, I'd suggest unbuntu, as it combines ease of installation & use, good software base and security in a single CD package.

However, I will admit that the perception of "best OS" will overwhelmingly be Windows, with perception being the key word. Its userbase is so overwhelming, and people are so used to it, that it's ubiquity makes it so. However, I would also point out that, 40-50 years ago, smokers were more common among adults than non-smokers, and that the vast majority of teenagers in the US eat regularly at McDonalds...because something is commonly done or used doesn't make it better.
Studio Madcrow
Perfect for what? The perfect server would probably have to be OpenVMS. It's just about as stable as software gets and it's so secure that it was banned from the DEFCON nerd convention for being "unhackable". The best workstation/personal OS doesn't really exist. Mac OS X comes close but is let down by the fact that it's tied to overpriced (albeit high quality) hardware. Vista also comes close, but is let down by it's anal-retentive DRM enforcement and general stench of Micro$oft evil. A few members of the non-Apple Unix-like crowd come close as well. OpenSUSE 10.2 is awesome in just about every way and PC-BSD has some truly awesome stuff going on. (FreeBSD + KDE + easy GUI configuration == awesomeness)
This topic was left open because I thought you guys would all be discussing the individual features that would make the perfect Operating System. However, it seems to have become yet another Windows v Mac v Linux thread, so I'm afraid I have to -close- it.

Please continue your discussion in the existing, official "What's your Operating System" tread.
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