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The First Unofficial Frih ID Contest!

ID Contest? What is it?
The idea is very simple. There are 50 samples in the zip-file. Each of them lasts 15 seconds (or 14 / 16 but there's really no difference). Your job is to identify them. After you have IDed some of these you must send your answer to me. You have to use PM!! Don't post any answers into this topic! Posting anything that might reveal identity of a certain sample, will get you disqualified from the contest, and hopefully a kind moderator will edit the post.

Yes. You will receive points for right answers. 2 points from correct answer and 1 point from partial. Little error in spelling doesn't matter as long as I can surely understand which track you mean.


You have 21 days to submit the results, so the final day of the contest is Sunday, 4. feb. 2007. I won't collect answers submited after midnight MY time (Slovenia, GMT +1), so those living western from me better cast the results a day early, just to be sure.

Have fun IDing and good luck! Very Happy
9 days left to submit the answers!
and remember, even partial ID's bring you a point. also those who already casted their answers can always send me an update if they remember any more tracks Wink
This is awesome.
it is, isn't it! Wink

and i decided to give prizes to winners!! Cool

1st place: 100 frih$
2nd place: 50 frih$
3rd place: 20 frih $

hurry up people, almost half of the time has already passed...
wow! somebodey just set a new milestone. 50 points!!! Very Happy congratulations!
second one is holding stady with 23, so those 50 points may not be very far anyway for anybody... Wink

of course i will post the full list of IDs when the contest is over Smile
Please read the rules

You are not allowed to create "Official" topics as per in point B is this section.

After talking with cheh, I decided I acted a bit rashly here and have unlocked and changed the title a bit. Wink

Keep in mind though, double-posting, short posts or just general principals might get this topic closed or moved to the Contest Board.
thanx HoboPelican, note taken. Smile

just reminding everybody that the contest ends tommorrow at midnight at CET + 1 time! i'll announce the results and post the full list of correct answers monday morning Smile
hihi i'll try to do my best. How can you get 50 Points, 2 points for a right answer, i suppose title is 2 points and artist is 2 points?

not exactly.. FULL ID brings you 2 points. that means artist + title. so that's basicly 1 for artist and 1 for title. i only included originals in the contest, so if nobody writes the version in brackets, there's nothing wrong.... Smile
SO... if you write the right title but wrong artist or right artist but wrong title, you get 1 point. u also get a point if you only write one of those. so you can earn a lot of points by guessing Wink Very Happy

so to earn 50 points you have to fully ID 25 tracks Smile or more, if not all IDs are full Wink

and remember people.... google is your friend Wink Very Happy

quick question: should i extend the deadline?
Captain Fertile
I just spotted this today, I would appreciate it if you would extend the deadline. This looks very interesting although I am in the UK and suspect maybe some of the samples may be unknown to me (depending upon where the originator of the competition hails from) but I will give it a go...
...going to download the files now. Smile

Dont extend the competition for me, I have just downloaded the music and I suddenly discovered how old and out of touch I am. I only recognised a hand full of those and would have to search to find the names and artists for them!

Even my wife, ten years my junior shrugged her shoulders with a blank expression much like my own.

So respect to anyone who does well with this, especially of you are approaching 40 like me!
Thank you for making me feel sooooo old. Sad
Okay, was wrong, thought there were only 20 samples, But it are 50.

Found already 26, But i will found out more soon.
Although this is contest is related to music, it is a contest after all.
That's why this thread is moved to this forum.
SO... what are the results? how many people participated? who won? Smile

when are you posting the next contest?
Captain Fertile, i don't think anybody's able to recognise all the tracks. even i had to ask some of my friends what track of a certain genre sould i include. so just give it a shot, you have nothing to loose. after all, alot of the tracks are really old Wink

Helios, thanx, i was wondering where should i post it...

nimo, Juardo just took the lead, with over 70 points!! Shocked i'll be surprised if anybody beats that.

ok, since alot of people just found out about this when it was moved, and i can see more interest now, i'm gonna extend the deadline for a week. of course people who already sent their results can send an updated list if they want to.
Who won??

Ps: I've tried to create an account on your forum, but i don't understand what the texts says, i still have no confirmation mail in my mailboxx.
you did! Very Happy
sorry for the late results everybody, i had an exam today therefore didn't have much time lately...

TOP 3:
1.) Juardo: 67 points - 100 frih$
2.) TomS: 52 points - 50 frih$
3.) nimo: 24 points - 20 frih$

those are the winners, i sent the results to the rest via PM. Smile

and now of course for the full list of answers:
01. Charlie Lownoise & Menthal Theo - Wonderful Days
02. 3 Steps Ahead - Drop It
03. The KLF - What Time Is Love
04. Selu Vibra - Divine
05. Benny Benassi pres. The Biz - Satisfaction
06. Weichentechnikk vs Waldhaus - Little Girls From ICQ
07. Hot Butter - Popcorn
08. ATB - 9 PM (Till I Come)
09. Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400
10. Svenson & Gielen - Twisted
11. DJ Coone - The Return
12. Ti๋sto - Lethal Industry
13. Scooter - How Much Is The Fish
14. L.A. Style - James Brown Is Dead
15. Kraftwerk - Autobahn
16. Pendulum - Girl In The Fire
17. La Bouche - Be My Lover
18. Sven Wittekind & Boris S - Maybe We're Crazy
19. Umek - Posing As Me
20. Deepack - The Prophecy
21. Lee Haslam - Music Is The Drug
22. David Guetta feat. JD Davis - The World Is Mine (F Me I'm Famous Remix)
23. Dune - Hardcore Vibes
24. Human Resource - Dominator
25. Boney M - Ma Baker
26. Jeff Mills - The Bells
27. Paul Elstak & Firestone feat. MC Ruffian - Hardcore State Of Mind
28. Scot Project - R (Rock!)
29. Daft Punk - One More Time
30. Zanza Labs - Control The Mind
31. Paul van Dyk - For An Angel
32. Future Sounds Of London - Papua New Guinea
33. Bob Sinclar - Love Generation
34. RMB - Redemption
35. Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy, Hey Girl
36. Chosen Few - The Name of the DJ
37. Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At
38. Marshall Masters - I Like It Loud
39. Omni Trio - Night Train
40. Fatboy Slim - The Rockafeller Skank
41. BK - Revolution
42. Madonna - Hang up
43. Capella - U Got To Let The Music
44. Faithless - God Is A DJ
45. Snap! - The Power
46. Tiga and Zyntherius - Sunglasses At Night
47. Gadjo - So Many Times
48. E Nomine - Das Tier In Mir
49. Marusha - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
50. Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams

now tell me that isn't easy Razz Very Happy

ok, gonna go donate the money to the winners. congratulations!
Woah. I see I have some Artists wrong. Wonderful contest and thanks for the Frih$.

I think I will do one, too (if you don't mind "stealing" your idea^^)

Maybe one, where not only Techno and Dance is in the archive. Let's see.

Greetz, TomS
thank you. Cant wait for the next contest :d
thanx man! I can't wait for the next contest!!

I truly didn't even know by the title like 3/4 of these songs Smile let alone connect the song to the title...
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