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make some logo's for up to 600 frih

I need a couple of logo's for my site

The site is called bierkip which is beerchicken in dutch. So I need at least a chicken in the logo. The site now has a snow theme but every now and than I will change the theme so I will need a couple of logo's in different colours.

The site has a forum, I put picture's of weekends on it and I am trying to set up a radio station.

If I really like the logo's and if you made a lot I might give more, but for know I'll say it will be something between 300 and 600 frih.
Here are some of my logo works.

The colors can be easily change and the background can also be removed.

I can send you the .psd file if your interested.

I hope you like it. Smile
Shocked I love them
I'll wait 1 more day couse someone else might also be making something, but if you're alone I think I'll give 600 frih if it's even easy for me to change the colors Smile .

Edit: I think I need 1 more, then I can use the second one (which I think is the best) for the radio station, and the other two for rotating on the main site.
Thanks! Here's another one...

This one is pretty hard for me because of the polygons. Smile

I can still make more logo if you want just PM me the details of what it should like.

Also, PM me if you want the .psd files of the logos so that I can send it to your email.
Um, I made a really stupid one -

I payed Alias for his creations but I am still willing to pay for more logo's. This won't be as much as these. I think 100 frih per good logo (inc. psd files).

radio is up
logo on main-site:
logo on radio-site:
I've just recently recieved the FRIH$ thanks a lot. Smile

Feel free to PM me if you need any more help.
Captain Fertile
There are some really cool logos here, I especially like those created by Alias.

The first one he made reminds me a lot of the old Adidas logo.

Nice work!
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