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La Pucelle tactics

did you play this before?
 66%  [ 2 ]
 33%  [ 1 ]
not yet , but i will now !
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Total Votes : 3

its a very fun tactics game for ps2 ... i like it it has a pretty origanal storyline

the way i play is to have ALL my members have a healing skill equipment (even the monsters i catch)
and spread left to right leaving my weakest monster in middle and when they come to attack him ... we heal him and come in from behind them on the sides..

works in ALMOST every level on that game

i like the game cus you can convert ANY monster (even bosses) to your team.

and you can sacrifice your monsters by sending them to the dark side .. the higher the level , the better item you get when e dies on the dark side.

Very humorus story ... there is ****SPOILER WARNING *****

a girl who is a shadow of a holy teacher .. a person who wants to be the new holy mother and is very evil Razz and her brother who gets kidnapped alot

best monster i got : ka-claw -cresent bear (boss in a woods lvl)

Tip: get your Convert skill VERY high from the first few levels ... stock up on getting bats and big bats ... there usefull l8r on when you fight the 2nd boss
That bear just died when i was playing i got his kid can convert those Gargoyles?I should then i guess...
well the game is pissing me off at the moment since i can't kill the poss on Mt Champigon!Only Aloutte and Cluotte heals and they usally die or other ppl die XD i unno i leveled a little and never felt like playing it again...

I heard this game actually sucks compared to Diseaga and Phantom Brave...

EDIT:hey...i know you...
I loved La pucelle and disgaea. I think the two were of slightly different flavors with disgaea being more comical than la pucelle. I hate Phantom Brave. I absolutely do.
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