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Strange fonts on line

I have had myl windows home installed for over a year now

Over the last 2 months i have started to have a few small problems

1) Taking far too long to boot up

2) A lot of the time it doesnt wanna shut down

3) Lately it just freezes up and i have to reset

Ok all of these things i have experience before BUT

I have a legal windows home sp2

Anyone else had this?
Done a virus and spyware scan all clear!Wink
Maybe you could post a screenshot of the strange fonts?
One thing you could do is to download this program called ccleaner, it is freeware and removes any 'clutter' that has built up on your system. You can find it here.

After the installation click on cleaner on the side and then click on the run cleaner button, this removes any temporary file clutter. Then click on issues on left side and then click scan for issues and then click fix selected issues, this cleans up your system registry.

Then just reboot and enjoy a faster system.

I hope this helps
I would say just re-install windows. Smile Most probably not the answer that you want but if you take in consideration all the time you spend "trying to fix " the system and waiting for it while it is so slow - then a re-install is just much faster.
If it's only some of the fonts online, it might be that your default font for your browser corrupted. I had that problem once and it turned out to be an invalid font file. You might check to see what your default font is in Internet Explorer (or whichever browser you use). In IE, you go to Tools>Internet Options and then click on the Fonts... button at the bottom of the menu that comes up.

That'll show you what your default fonts are. You might select a different font and see if that fixes it. If it does, then the font that was selected was probably corrupted.

Could you mind provides exact time how long all things actually do ?

Such as how many seconds you go booting you system ?

Thanks you
Hi marrs, Idea i have had the same problem with my computer.. what i done was i took the harddrive out and plugged it into another computer via slave. once logged onto my other computer i ran an antivirus on the Secondary drive(eg ur drive) (which is recomended Due to Virus transfering from one comp 2 another). once complete run the defragger on your drive(F:/) then run disk clean up. then run the Fix tool located in "my computer > Right click yourdrive and goto properties > then goto tools > and click on error checking the tick both boxes. that should run throught 5 phrases...

once done take your HardDrive out of your other comp(friends comp) and try your HDD

If not plug it back into your other comp (friends comp) and transfer data you want to keep onto the primary harddrive the REFORMAT THE SECONDRY HDD (were all data wil be lost) and then take out your HDD and reinstall windows on your computer.. thats the easyest and safest and quickest way known.....

Nice to know how you got on.......
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