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PS3 >Vs< XBox360

Ok the PS3 will be the more powerfull processor:
BUT Because it gonna be using blue ray dvds you have a danger that Blueray might die like betamax,video2000,then your stuck with a outdated machine which costed you 100`s pounds!

also i was thinking the blue ray holds i think 25gb of space and the software which is being designed is optimzed for a HD television.

So how many of us have a HD T.V. not many as again its not really TOO clear whats gonna stay with us LCD OR Plasma?
Also a big thing is what connections you are gonna need in the near future,that ant clear either.
I have heard a rumour that the PS3 doesnt even have a HD TV out can that really be true...


Anyway whats the best machine gonna be..?


Which machine would you buy?

PS3 cos i have a PS1 and PS2 allready

According to some sources, Xbox 360 is leading the game console market currently. However, this might be contributed by the fact that the Xbox 360 was released almost a year earlier than PS3 and Nntendo Wii. Well, who knows what would happen next. Nintendo Wii is gaining popularity too eventhough it's not technically sophisticated as compared to PS3 and the Xbox 360. In my opinion, i would say that Nintendo Wii is produced with what most user need and it's not that expensive either. Hence, making it a suitable choice for those who are on budget. Nevertheless, I still fancy PS3 for its Cell processor and its notably high end XDR ram as these might play an important role in graphics and image processing in high definition. Judging from that, you could argue that HD TV is not widely adopted by consumers yet, but HD TV is getting cheaper nowadays. Thus, that might not be an issue to worry about. Regarding LCD and Plasma displays, there are also new display technology which is SED and OLED. These two new technology will be competing against LCD and Plasma. Therefore, it is foreseeable that the price of LCD and Plasma will drop further due to the competition between these four types of display.
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