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Anyone uses SKYPE?

how can u add a webcam on it?
Hi Fizzo,

It's fairly simple, thankfully. The first time you start up Skype with a webcam connected, you need to activate video by clicking on the Tools menu, click on Options, and then click on Video.

You can also test to see if your video is working by clicking on Tools>Options>Test Webcam.

personally i like Yahoo Messenger over skype... i feel skype consume more bandwidth than Yahoo Messenger when doing Voice Chat... Sad

its not a bad think unless with some use like us who are on 256kbps connection... Sad
I use Windows Live Messeger and Voip Buster Laughing
i use skype. but i am pretty sure the first time i hooked up the webcam, skype autodetected and auto-configured it for skype. do you have the latest version of skype installed? it could be that the older versions dont have that kind of hardware control.
I've used Skype and Yahoo Messenger. I prefer Yahoo Messenger. If you've applied for Phone Out with Yahoo for calling PC-Phone, they will refund your calls that are less than 2 mins. So if you find that the connection isn't good enough, you can just hang up within the 2 minutes window and your credit will be refunded. Yahoo also has a chat support where you can get help 24/7.
I use Skype. Works very well, haven't been any problems with it so long. Hopefully it won't be it either.
Skype takes a lot of system resources. Even if that is all you are using at the time. In my experience Skype took about 30% of my CPU which is a decent one. You're better off with something that was built better. I can't name any off the top of my head.
I use Skype 3.00. It is a good software that talking on the internet but it can call like the telephone to the world. I like it more than the home telephone or mobile phone.
If you want to add a webcam, you should plugin first. Then, restart the Windows and Skype. It will install your webcam into the Skype.
i agree skype takes more resources than yahoo messenger but with time yahoo messenger too is growing in its system resource requirments

Anyways looking at the quality Skype delivers i still prefer Skype over yahoo for Voice....

the difference between the resources comsumed by both was not very different (at least wat i noticed on my system) and Skype was far superior in performance.

The only downside of skype i feel is when i have to do a voice confy with more than 5 people ..i cant ...thats when yahoo comes handy
If u are thinkin about use skype to call common phones, i recommend u yahoo messenger, it has lower rates than skype to make callings to a ordinary phone number
I think everyone is getting off topic here. Since fizzo's question has already been answered, we shouldn't spam this topic with posts that are not related to this topic. We should just wait for a moderator to close this.
Considering the topic is "Anyone uses Skype?" I would say that we could just talk about it here. The fact that the initial question has been answered is inconsequential. The conversation has just shifted slightly.

I'm very new to Skype but the idea is brilliant and it seems ridiculously easy to use. Can't wait to start video conferencing people.
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