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how to make a SITE on ftp not a forum

i nkow how to upload and run a forum on a ftp host ... but how do i make a SITE ya know like with updates and stuff on the front page ?

and how do i make links to it ? Confused

Learn HTML. Very Happy
i know html .. im just not so PRO at ftp servering ......

ill find out from one of my buddahs Wink
ftp servering? that's not even a term Rolling Eyes

you don't use FTP to make a website, you use a text-editor to create the webpages and then use FTP (file TRANSFER protocol) to upload the necessary files
ya , but where do i put the text of the site in the ftp ? wat part Confused

and as for linking do i have to add the html layout to a whole buch a places for every link ?
if i understand what your saying.....

do you mean where do you put the files into the ftp? i dont quite get that part... are you sure you know what ftp is and how it works?

you can download many free ftp clients, most of them have file browsers near the bottom, and a way to connect to ftp... connect to your ftp using whatever login you were given, then on the left file browser (in other words, your computers harddrive) find the html files and folders you want to put on the server, and drag them to the appropriate folder on the right hand side (which is the server)

the main homepage must be labeled index.htm or index.html for it to be the default page that loads when someone visits your site...

you then upload all your files you want...

as for the linking.. i think what your asking is if you have to update each pages html with the <a href> tags every time you change a link location on every page? if so, yes, that is correct... unless you made a template file that contained your global links and such and basic layout already (and had already figured out what pages you were gonna need and what they were gonna be called) you could use them to create a site... but even then, if you changed the location, you would need to update all the sites and the template's url it goes to...
wyrmnite wrote:
ya , but where do i put the text of the site in the ftp ? wat part Confused

and as for linking do i have to add the html layout to a whole buch a places for every link ?

i don't know where you learned what you "know" but you got a long way to go unfortunetly...

you have an index html page which goes in the root of your host. then a link from the index page can direct the browser to a different page which would have to exist on the server.

ftp is just used for transffering files to webhosts, nothing more.
hey dude if u know the Mcft. Word u can do the frontpage too.I mean itz really easy to create a site using frontpage.If u want frontpage tutorialz PM me ill post it here.
FTP is only a means of transferring your files to and from your site.

You make your site on a text editor using HTML, CSS, scripts etc and then save it as .html or .htm in order to make it work as a web page.

If you can't handcode them, you can use well-known web-editing softwares like Dreamweaver or Frontpage to create your web pages.

You need to learn a lot of web-building before you manage your web site.
A good WYSIWYG editor is After making some pages in that (make sure you have an index.html) download upload your files into the html_public directory and you're away.
yea fo sure thx Embarassed
what u actually wanna make ??
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hello Im just new in this dite/forum
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