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A successful Design?

I've been building a site over the past couple of months now for my gaming clan, and I think it has come out quite well.

Personally I feel that my design is fairly successful, even if it is just a low-traffic site.

What I want to know is what other people think. I've tried asking my clan-mates, but they just keep saying "do what you want, we don't care". I'm fed up Razz. I'd like some real constructive criticism, and suggestions to help me build a better site.

I have a phpbb forum installed, but I've also done some modification of my own, so include that as you construct your opinions.

Thanks everyone.

{name here}
Your site's navigation boxes to not align properly on the left side in Opera. Also, phpBB's URL Captcha doesn't exactly work very well. Trust me. I administrate a site for an OS project that has 500 spambots that got through that system. Install the myVIPcode mod if you wish to use phpBB. Hide the VIP code in a spot such as the logo at registration time, or add an image to the top of the registration template that contains the code in it but obscuraficate it by adding the directions in the image and spelling out any numbers you choose to add to the field.

I'm guessing you want some design tips as well, not just coding by {name here}
hehe Razz

Okay, don't take anything I say offensivly, it will not turn out good, because I do no intend it to, I just wanna give you some graphical tips.

The font... what's up with that? You have so many different fonts...
I think you should choose something professional looking like the stuff under "information" and put it all as that font?

Your... logo... and the overall concept, doesn't really fit well...
If you use a nonscrolling background image... it should make sense, yours, is kind of weird. It's just random, doesn't really fit with anything, there really isn't much consistency and it's just overal, kind of messy.

Try to clean it up and put all your nav in one place or something liek that, and for some reason, my computer laggs on your site. It scrolls ultra slowly O_O

Your subtitles... change that up.

Also, a webiste for counter strike AND WoW? ISn't that kind of weird? usually sites for cs are all tech-like? and Wow are medieval like?

Subtitles... those look really werid. It's like olden times with some cloudy thing kinda done badly.

Your game monitor thing... it's just a big blue box. Fix that up.

Also, all your little background images behind all your sub titles like who is online, doesn't really fit.

I think you should get an image editing software like the GIMP, make a layout, then implement it? It sort of looks like right now, one of those webistes you make in little bits with no planning and it's just really random.

The site itself is cool and all, but needs lots of work.

GOOD LUCK and have fun!
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