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Difficult decision to make

I have a difficult decision to make.

I've had a pair of parrots for the past eight years.
I'm now moving my family to another country and they don't accept the import of birds down there.

My dilemma now is that I have to leave my beautiful parrots behind with no one to look after them.

I have an appointment with a lady who has agreed to take them in on any arrangement, but I don't want to sell them. I hear that she's a great person with birds though.

Ideally, I want someone to take them in and love them as much I do and take care of them as well as I have. The last thing I want is for them to end up with someone who intends to sell them for a profit.

It's a difficult decision to make and every day that I look at the parrots, I feel guilty for leaving them behind. But I have no choice.

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well, man, if you have not a second choice to take, that is not called a decision, 'cause you have to do it anyway.

I think what you might need is a way to get rid of thinking of your birds. If the lady is really kind to your parrots, why not leave them to her? It is good to your birds and you are also released from the raising burden.

Otherwises, you might inquire the local zoo, whether they accept your birds.

Last but not least, leave them alone and let them out into the nature. They will have their destiny if they have.

Wish you a good time in the new environment
you're right, there is no decision to be made.

well, i just met the lady and she seems nice, plus she seems really concerned about their well being too.

the upside is that she has a much bigger house than me, which is good for the birds.

We'll make a decision tomorrow or within the next couple of days.

Releasing them into the wild is not a good idea.

They were captive born and have never been in the wild before. Releasing them into the wild would be like a death sentence. They wouldn't survive a week because they won't know where to look for food and how to avoid predators, or even who the predators are. I can't do that.
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