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NCAA Basketball

For whatever reason, I don't really follow the NBA, but I sure love college basketball. I'm a huge Kansas Jayhawks fan and was very happy that they blew out OK State the other day.

Any predictions (albeit very early) on what a possible final four might be? It seems there are no dominant teams in the NCAA right now, so it should be a great second half of the season, and a fun tournament season this spring!!

I just know on College Basketball is this New Breed of Rookies that will enter the NBA is one of the Best and Deepest draft class.
The NBA is a horrible league in my book. There are a few good role models and truly good players, such as LeBron James who I commend for his work, but its plagued by ****** like Kobe, Artest, Carmelo, etc.

College Basketball, like CFB, involves pride and dedication to your team! I am a graduate of Youngstown State, and we are a mid-major, but despite that, I have pride and respect toward my program and do not miss any games. If I can't make it: I watch at

Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
i saw the oklahoma state texas game and it was amazing. 3OT!
arkansas is probably my favorite team because they have beaten some powerful teams and almost beat florida.
Well everybody, here we go. The tournament starts this week, and the brackets look very interesting. KU is a 1 seed, which they deserve especially because of their impressive comeback OT victory over Texas this afternoon.

I think UNC, Gtown, KU, and Memphis are the 4 most impressive teams in the field.

Anyone else?
I don't think you will make it out of your regional. The problem with UNC and Kansas is that they have a lot of youth so they can be inconsistent during the game. Georgetown has a monster inside game but I'm not excited about their guards. Memphis played a bunch of crappy teams n C-USA and the only tourney team they beat was Gonzaga in OT with Heytfelt out.
Quick update:

Duke lost... kinda unexpected. Right now I'm 87.5% right on my picks in my basketball pool... 14/16 possible points, first place in two pools, and 500th place in a pool of 20,000 people. Wish me luck and good luck to anyone else participating in a pool.
Well, Kansas steamrolled Kentucky (the 'other' KU as I call them) today. My pool is going pretty well so far. Wisconsin has screwed me though, but losing today. So did Texas. All 4 of my final four teams are still in it though. Can't wait til next weekend!! Twisted Evil
i think Texas will take it all out this year, Durant is a winner
At times, College basketball is way more exciting to watch, because in the NBA they are playing for more money etc. Whereas in the NCAA, everything is more personal among players and teams. This is just my point of view. Anyways, here is who I think will make it to the final four this year! From the Midwest division, I think that Florida will top UNLV in the regional finals. From the West, I think Kansas will win it. In the East, I will have to say USC will win it, because of their big upset against Texas! And in the South, I'm pretty sure it'll be Ohio State making it to the Final Four. If they don't, it'll be rather dissapointing.
Half the final four is decided and the rest will be decided today. Epic battle with North Carolina vs Georgetown, hoping georgetown will win because I hate North Carolina. On the other side Florida should win. I think Ohio State will take it all if they beat Georgetown.
HDirtwater wrote:
For whatever reason, I don't really follow the NBA, but I sure love college basketball. I'm a huge Kansas Jayhawks fan and was very happy that they blew out OK State the other day.

Any predictions (albeit very early) on what a possible final four might be? It seems there are no nt teams in the NCAA right now, so it should be a great second half of the season, and a fun tournament season this spring!!


I'm sorry about your loss yesterday, I thought you guys were the better team but not everyone came out to play, lucky for you Julian Wright will return next year, Hopefully your coach isn't taken by Kentucky in the off-season

I had Texas winning it all but UNC knocked then out Embarassed I think Florida will finish the tournamnet on top again.
Florida looks real tough for sure. I was kind of surprised at Georgetown's big comeback against NC but they were able to work through foul trouble and get it done. Ohio State has been winning some close games.....if they did it once I'd say maybe lucky but they've done it a few times so I say they are good. UCLA looks pretty athletic as well. I'm gonna pick Florida though as they know how it's done. At the same time it wouldn't surprise me to see any one of the other 3 teams winning it all either....thats why college basketball is so cool.....anyone can win it all if they have a good day...unlike pro sports with their 7 game series.
At the NCAA level they don't even play half as many games as they do in the NBA. The avg NBA game doesn't even start until the 4th quarter. The NBA has had a lot of stupid rules too, like forced man to man defense. Crap like that ruins the game. A guy like Shaq can't dominate and defend the goal because the player he's guarding is inferior and how he offsets that is by hanging out on the perimeter and that's where Shaq has to be. That's not basketball it's rubbishball!

Basketball is a simple but great game. Defense and transition are everything! Teams that contest the most shots, controls the boards and run are the teams that win. The halfcourt set is important, but ideally, you're forced into it. It should never be by choice. Once there, that's where you clearly see red light, green light. Which team in their halfset is running backside screens and picks? Which team is flooding the zone, which team is taking advantage of the mismatches the zone yields?

You're sitting in a 2-3 zone and your opponent's small forward and or other big men can shoot 15ft jumpers. If your big men are denying the low block who's going to contest shots from the foul line, your point guard? If a team's frontcourt can't knock down short jumpers then they suck and deserve to lose, and the zone had nothing to do with it. I guarantee you, with 100% certainty, that if you truly learn this game what you see on your TV won't make any sense.
Gagnar The Unruly
I love college BB, and I'm a Jayhawks fan, too. How many times do I have to say "maybe next year?" Sad

I was on campus a few years ago when they made it to the championships, and it was Coach Roy's last year. Campus got crazier with every game. People would just sort of gather on campus and then march downtown. It was a lot of fun, but very depressing when we lost. They shoulda given it to Miles!!!!

The salt in the wound was that summer I moved to Ithaca, NY, which is Orangemen country (not that anyone there cares that much about basketball, though, for some reason).
College basketball is as exciting as sports get! The games are so close, on such a high level and played with so much intensity, it s jsut incredible....
well this is the first season that i followed the tourny throughout the whole proccess. being in the PAC-10 i was excited to see such a showing from my conferance to the big show. I was hoping that The Ducks would make a great showing; which they did! Florida showed thier experience in the big game and made the 3 point shots when Oregon didn't. Then the rematch up of last years championship game with Florida and UCLA, who could ask for a better drama story for the Final Four. Again I was hopeful for the West Coast team to do good, but the "Gator Boys" proved they wanted to repeat.

The Big Show: Buckeyes vs. Gators (did I see that matchup in the College Football Championship?) Got to give props to these two Athletic Programs.

Ohio with thier come-from-behind series winning streak against the sheer determination of Florida to repeat as champions, and with the same starting five; which is a first in history.

The game did not turn out as an exciting showdown of college superstars rather a very technical chess game between the two coaches.

Both teams turned out spectacular perfomances and each did thier job as the coach wanted them to. In the end Florida owes thier good fortune to the fact that once again the opposing teams 3 point shots did not connect.
I was hoping that OSU would win in the finals, but what a performance Oden gave in probably his final game in College! That guy showed heart all game long even though he seemed out of it later on, but he kept on battling. One of the main reasons why Florida won was because of their 3 pt shooting that game. This was obviously something that Ohio didn't have through-out that game. But hey, a repeat championship is just as nice to see. Congrats to the Gators for their continuing success!
I was so mad when the Tar Heels lost to the Hoyas. We had a huge lead, and the clock was against the Hoyas, but we let them come back and destroy us in OT. I have high hopes for them next year though, if Brandan Wright decides to stay
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