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How do you Market an application


I have almost finished my web application uDoPage. It makes web sites and help files. I have two versions. One version is customized to the users needs. The other makes many different sites.

My site is made with uDoPAge..

I have no idea how to market it.
I think you should consider a free or trial version you can make available on software download sites like cnet and zdnet, etc...

Also, you may want to do a little tidying up on your site. There are some empty pages and broken links. This would probably reflect badly on your product. Maybe some of your wording could use a little tightening up as well. Consider getting some people to look at it and give you some editorial suggestions on how to make everything look and sound as professional as possible.

good luck
THx for your your advice

Cheers Possum
Find some webhosting services (like FriHost) to advertize it on their web sites. Your application will be needed whenever some one is looking for a web space and that's where you should put your ADs and banners. Also try using some Safelists (google for some free of them) and Classified ADs (google for some free resources too)

Good Luck
I Would highly recommened Google Adwords, People Click on them, and you can pay even just 10 Cents Per Click.

And C'mon, Say you put in $5, that's 50 Clicks, so chances are, you'll get your money back pretty quickly. Smile

Remember, through Google Adwords, you pay for clicks, not ad views.
I would suggest you run it on a server you control only, and offer inexpensive subscriptions to it. ...That will help reduce piracy, and let you see what folks are using/could need improvement. ...And you can even offer a free trial..
I feel your software is great and will be very useful for small and medium size business.

What I think with such product that will work great is create a database of ppl you intend to sell and you may go for a webex demo or even you can start with a trade fair.

This will give you visibility.

Another way is you can outsource your marketing to ASP (Authorised Software Partners). Ya you will have to compromise on margines, but you can concentrate in developing new and genious softwares.

To begin with,

a) Make your trial one with reduced functionality and no time limit (its easy to crack a time limit, so don't bother making one). Find people who need your software, and sell it to them. (give them the free trial, but make sure that you make it obvious the advantages of the full version. Advertising in the free version is also usefull).

b) Get a dedi server ($20/month from mediatemple, etc), from which you can stream your advertising as well as updates from. Have a keygen on your site which lets you record key vs. payment details (credit card, name, address, phone number, etc).

c) Stream regular updates to users (http downloads, etc) and make sure that your users *know* what they are getting from their updates. (ie. it makes life better for them). Usually updates ~1/month or two are good enough. Use diffs and compress to ensure that updates don't take overly long.

d) sell support. Have teirs of support for your product, from "free" (i'll get around to you when i have time) support, to 24/7 dedi support (for large corperations who have large licences for your product).

e) Make sure to spend a bit on advertising. Banner adds, adwords (very usefull), affiliate linking, etc. Every little bit helps. (also, make sure that your software is very easy to use. If people use it and they like it, you will get an incredible amount of free advertising. Think of google, for example).

Hope this helps,
I clicked on Download and 404 Not Found Very Happy Very Happy .

Well, your software seems to be absolutely free, so i think you are not going to spend a lot on it. am i rite?

i think 1 can help you a lot in this respect.
Just add me

praisedpk at
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