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Mp3 player or iPOD?

Mp3 player or iPOD?
Mp3 player
 48%  [ 18 ]
 51%  [ 19 ]
Total Votes : 37

what do you recommend?.....forgetting about the prices that each one costs
i prefer iPod. though it is a bit expensive than the mp3 player. but worth it.
For know I'll try anything besides an iPod. I had a 30gb photo that spent more time in the shop than in my pocket. Maybe it would be true for any HDD based player, but for now I'm sticking with an 8gb flash player.
i cannot stand ipods. just because they are an ipod they can cost more than the rest and offer less than all the others?!? that to me is an outrage. for 50 bux less i got a creative zen vision:m 30gb mp3 player. it has all of the capabilities as an ipod (music,movie,photos). not to mention it also has an integrated voice recorder and fm receiver. yes i know nothing all that exciting but they are features that would require around $30 per feature in an upgrade for the ipod. why? because its an ipod accessory.

plus having to use one program to load and organize your music in to put on an ipod is bull. i hate being restricted. with mp3 players you have choices of which program you want to use to put music on to your player.
I prefer Mp3 players, because putting a HDD in a portable device like an ipod seems stupid to me. Im normally quite rough with my phones/watches/mp3players sop I want something thats robust, and I doubt an ipod would last very long with me.
Cedar Speeder
Your original post mentioned that price wasn't an issue, and in that case I would say it's definitely worth considering an iPod.

I have a 30g video that has been problem free since I got it one year ago. Though I got a reduced price on it, there's a good chance that I would buy one again at full price if it broke.

The warranty with Apple is quite good as well, with some of my friends having their's promptly replaced when there were problems with it.

Downside? Scratches very easily, so I bought a very resilient plastic sticker set (it's clear, you don't even notice it's there) which was perfect.

I can't say too much about other options to be honest, but I can say that I've been very happy with my 30g video ipod for the past year and would recommend it to anyone who wants to pay for it.
I like my nano. In fact, I love it. Here's why.

I don't run the nano's stock firmware. I would have to shoot myself if I was. I installed Rockbox (found at ) and now I have a real file browser, plugins, OGG Vorbis support, and an active community working on this project. It is an amazing community; if you have any problems you just jump on the mailing list and ask away. And did I mention nightly builds?

The older iPods have open source firmware. Beat that.

i vote for iPod ...
Red Flag
iPods = Mp3 Players. They're the same but iPods have an expensive label over them.

I prefer the iPod though. It's sound quality is just amazing, and you can do other things on it such as encrypt your iPod, play games, view images etc. The screens are also colour (on some models) which make them better.
I definitely would recommend anything but an iPod.

Apple were not the first ones to make MP3 players, and they're not the best at doing it! For every single type of iPod, there are a dozen alternatives made by other companies that are cheaper and/or superior. The only thing Apple has is an excellent image and marketting campaign.

The biggest thing that has driven me away from Apple is the horror stories I've heard about the support iPod fans have received. Even a dear friend of mine, who loved her iPod, had the problem: her iPod kept mysteriously dying, but Apple wouldn't do anything to help her out.

Just my thoughts!
ATM I'm using a little Sony 2Gb MP3 player which doubles as and is the same size as a USB thumb drive. The quality is fantastic. Its only downside is that you can't drag-and-drop MP3s onto the player in Window's explorer, you have to use its proprietary software.
I agree with lastelement0; iPods are just expensive brand names on inferior mp3 players, and yet people continue to buy them!
I also hate how Apple has pretty much dominated the field of mp3 players. I asked for a specific model from SansaDisk, and got an iPod Mini (this was a while ago, obviously). I was kind of irked but understanding--the giver didn't know there was anything other than an iPod to play music. Rolling Eyes

There's a lot more superior mp3 players out there--I'd go after them, not an iPod just to fit in.
As you said: Prices doesn't matter.
I have to say Ipods.
I am an Apple Hater...
I hate Macs. I hate Ipods*
But they are better than over mp3 players at same cost.
I used to hate Ipods, but no one has yet to outbeat an Ipod.
I prefer the IPOD simply because of the space...can be used for like a million different things except for the music so its like multi purpose.
I only have personal experience with an iPod but I've had absolutely no problem with my nano which I've had for about a year. And trust me this thing has gone through a lot and still works very well. Actually the earbuds wire got messed up so I had to buy new ones which are even better anyway. So my vote goes to iPods
I got an iPod Video 30GB for a Christmas present this year having recently broken my previous MP3 player.

I have to say I had put off gettin an iPod before as theree were cheaper unheard of alternatives, however having had problems with my last player because of the company being a small unheard of company, i decided I wanted an iPod.

I have to say the thing is brilliant, its pleasing to look at and listen to, it plays movies very well (the screen looks really good), seeing album art when listening to music is a nice feature i did ont have before too.

I have only one complaint about it, this may not affect everyone but it's something i have gotten used to with an MP3 player and that is the "shuffle folder" play mode. This allows you to select a particular album or artist and shuffle the songs in that folder. On the iPod i can only shuffle all the songs on the iPod. This means i end up listening to a lot of stuff I'm not really in the mood for of I have to listen to the album/artist in the order the songs are on the album in. This is fine but I like a bit of variety in the play order.

So, apart from one sorely missed feature well worth buying the iPod video.
The Mitchell
I would never buy another ipod. iv had 3 and every singlke one broke just after the warranty ran out. ****** bastards
m_furquan36 wrote:
I prefer the IPOD simply because of the space...can be used for like a million different things except for the music so its like multi purpose.

And how is that different from any other mp3 player? Every one I've looked at recently allows file storage, so why do you feel the iPod is better?

But they are better than over mp3 players at same cost.

Why? In my searches, in any memory class the ipod is more expensive and has little to offer that the others don't have. In fact, they often have less. So, in what way is an iPod better?
I went iPod. I currently own a 30gb Video iPod, and so far, no problems with it.

First MP3 player I ever owned was a POS cheapo one, either cut out parts of songs or skipped songs entirely. Second one was a 1GB (IIRC) Sandisk, I still use that as an voice recorder for my job.

I have a smaller AM/FM pocket radio for the footy, on special from the supermarket, so I'm covered for that.

I brought the iPod basically because it was on special, and the 30GB Creative Zen was at the same price as the 80GB Video iPod.

Same day I brought my Mum a 2GB Sandisk player, basically, Mum doesn't need video or pictures, and wanted something with decent buttons.

I got the iPod because it has videos and photos with it, handy for the regular train trips I take. I guess it comes down to personal preference. Very Happy
boo i pod, yay zune/3rd party competitors. Ipod is a fashion trend, not a quality music device. I have (had) two ipods, a 2gen and a video, and they both suck, the are always broken. My 30gb zune, i havent had a single problem with it. It had a bigger screen, better batttery life, and more supported formats
ipod is to expensive for me and i think mp3 players are more cheaper tha ipod. there are a lot of mp3 player produts than ipod can choose on the market.
iPod if you really care about looking cool.

iRivir if you want functionality and a better price
I'm using a SanDisk sansa and it looks better than an iPod. Its only 8GB I hope to get something better. But it was really cheap and I have an warranty.
I prefer iPods because you can store music, videos, and photos. They also have games (you can download and save games to it too, but that's only for the iPod Videos) and a clock. They can pretty much do everything except work as a cellphone.
SpellcasterDX wrote:
I prefer iPods because you can store music, videos, and photos. They also have games (you can download and save games to it too, but that's only for the iPod Videos) and a clock. They can pretty much do everything except work as a cellphone.

And how is this different from other current MP3 players? There are plenty of MP3 players that do photo, video and general storage, right? I don't know about a clock and games, but I doubt that is a big draw in an MP3 player.

I don't think you can make a case for the iPod on features or price. The only thing it can really offer is the Apple name. Of course, that is enough for some folks. Wink
I realy like Ipod and them are nice to !
I have and mp3 and i love it!! I like Ipods too but its not my comercial style!!
I agree with most people here, IPODs are kool and all... but let's not forget how dodgy they are! My friend's IPOD has crashed multiple times, and most of my friends' IPODs seem to have a problem with the battery display.

Other than that however, few MP4 players out there are like the IPOD... 40GB is more than enough for movie upon movie! Few MP4 players reach that space...

However, if all you want is a simple MP3 player, there's probably no point getting an IPOD, a simple Sony or something is far more reliable...
Echo Printer
I bought a creative zen for cheap and love it. I'd go for the cheaper player; that way you'll save some of that money you'd spend on an iPod, then make a trip to the record store and buy some of those killer albums you've been wanting. Cool
i'd go for Sandisk Sansa... it's xtra cool
Lady Elensar
I have 2 mp3-players.. but I'm not sure which I prefer (mp3 or Ipod).. I wanted to buy an Ipod, but it's expensive, and I already have 2 mp3-players so actually I don't need one. It's just because of the space (20 - 40 gb).. my mp3-players only have 1 and 2 gb space. :S But now it's still enough for me Smile.. but more space is always better Razz
I'm using Creative Muvo V200 and I'm very satisfied for using that player. Music quality is good, however headphones isn't very good, so i must buy another Razz
no brainer for me, ipod.

the bigger the better. The higher the price the bigger my smile.
i prefer iPod though, especially the bulky ones coz i could store lots of music and no laggy moments.. i once used a creative zen that have 4gb memory, and its damn laggy when comes to browsing for songs..

ipod more stylish, however, its an apple product, thus a lil expensive.. im still wanting to wait for iPhone though.. haha..
i would be a hypocrite to suggest to go another mp3 player brand as i myself own an ipod, this is only because i am an apple freak and i love my macbook pro and ipod dearly. when shopping for an mp3 player i really didnt want to get an ipod like everyone else, and support apples monopoly in the market. in the end i gave in as the really are slick and beautiful. i also thought about the monopoly windows pcs have over mac, and felt a little better about it.

get an ipod because they're safe, reliable and pretty. or go another brand because they're cheaper, and also to be different.
I'm not a Mac lover and like very much iPods.
There's some missing features, as file delete and view other fields on iD3tag, but I can live with that.
if your wanting an alternative, i use this when going on the train to work, every day. is a good quality pda, ive got a dell axim x30 and it does everything i can watch a tv show or film (on a SD CArd) or listen to mp3s while playing a game it also has a calendar, contact book, data base word processor, so what ever i want im covered. Pretty cheap too.....
well, nowadays, both Mp3 player and iPod is develop to a multi-function media player.... so functionally they are the same.

I choose iPod, well-design interface and Bose speaker...
You have to ask? OF COURSE AN IPod!! OMG! It's the best music device ever. I listen/watch music, movies and photos! What more could you want for under $400?

Question Question Question Question Question
lookatme wrote:
....I listen/watch music, movies and photos! What more could you want for under $400?

How about the same thing for less money? There are lots of units out there that do exactly the same thing for less money.
iPods are nice, in that they're very well made and have a wide variety of sizes, but there aren't any cheap alternative sizes like 1 or 2 GB which they could sell for about $100 if their bigger sizes are so expensive. I'm talking about the nano and minis. The shuffles seem like a waste to me. All mp3 players have a shuffle feature and not being able to choose your songs, or even see what song is playing is a very weird concept. Just my two cents.

As for the other mp3 players out there, interfaces bother me the most. If the interface isn't very user friendly, they shouldn't bother putting one out at all. I have an iRiver T10 and the only thing is that it doesn't have a set order, except the order you put them in. It might seem like a good idea, but you can't change it without formatting the flash first. Given, it's only 1 GB, but I'd like it if they came out with a firmware.

I have more to say, but I think I've spoken enough.
Its gotta be Ipod. Some of the models did have problems.. I had a 5th gen ipod and there was a glitch with the chip in it that if it was reset too many times it would burn out (happened to me 3 times) but apple replaced each one free of charge each time it happened. I now have a 30g video and it works great. The only downside to ipods is their battery life.. Apple really needs to do something about that. After a while the battery won't even last a few days plus their replacement fee is extremely high.
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