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Installing IE7 I dont think so!

Ok Ive been iroging the windows update icon in my task bar for a few weeks now and today i pressed it;thats where the trouble began.

I have a legal windows xp sp2 installation by the way...
Ok pressed the update but after the restart i got a shortcut to the windows web site on my desktop telling me of ways how i can get around this problem of the update.
#Try again disable anti virus pg adaware----didnt wanna install

tryed a few other things to do with the reg what they told you but no hope there..

Just wondered if anyone else has had this problem

I use firefox anyway dont use IE at all really just compatabitly checks on my homepage thats ALL
Just wondered why I coulnt get this update,strange eh?

If you are having problems installing IE7 via the update panel, try downloading the installation file from Microsoft IE site. Installation file is about 14.8MB in size. What exactly is the problem you have with the installation?

It will 1st check if your OS is legal, then performs the installation and restarts. What happens after the restart?
I booted with my XP for some reason, and it installed IE7. I decided to give it a try... This was one of the worst decisions I ever made!!! After a few minutes of suffering I decided to download Firefox... and IE7 didn't let me to!
After circumventing it and installing Firefox I noticed one good thing about IE7: it can be removed! Cool
IE7 installation went fine here, got all updates and I can download Firefox. Just to post something different. And I'm not "lucky" because it worked on other computers I've been on as well.

Seems like you people are just in for another bash. I don't have anything against Firefox, and I don't spam half the internet with rants about it.

It's his fanclub I dislike.
I am surprised that you all are having troubles with IE7. It is a major improvement to IE6 and very stable. I have noticed too that it requires less resources while browsing several tabbed windows at the same time.

It will 1st check if your OS is legal, then performs the installation and restarts. What happens after the restart?

After the restart I get a url shortcut on my desktop saying IE couldnt be installed,the shortcut takes me to the ms hp,with varoius solution which of a few i tryed mostly reg edits,Nah F*CK it.....

Its ok i will stick with firefox or opera

thx mark...
I installed IE7 but had to download the file first (more than 10MB). By the way I was using Firefox. I like the interface improvement of IE. Still Firefox rules here, because it has good plugins, is freaking customizable, and has the contributions of so many people (not a Microsoft thing). Firefox really shake things up. Firefox developers and users are responsible for that. So congratulations you all.
Yea, IE7 is horrible. Better than IE6? Interface-wise, maybe. Feature-wise, sure. Stability-wise, probably not. And what's up with hiding the file menu by default? Who would think to press Alt to show it?

My system is pretty screwed up because of it. Windows update is completely broken (auto-update is fine though). As soon as i select "Express" or "Custom", i get Error number: 0x80004005 and it says "This website has encountered an error...". So i only open IE7 when i need to download windows genuine software crap.

But this is under Windows XP Pro SP2. Under XP MCE 2005, IE7 is fine.

But anyways, i'm all firefox.
Yeah, IE7 has a better interface... but I don't know about its security.
Kelcey wrote:
Yeah, IE7 has a better interface... but I don't know about its security.

They Stole All the Features Off Firefox.
I also preferred to use Firefox vs IE7, but I'm still using the IE7 for visiting other site (msdn generally).

At first I also encountered a problem having updating IE7 with their Genuine Windows validation(of course if your OS is not legal ik!). But after a dig and workaround with some patch/crack I manage to use IE7 with no hassle.

I don't know you guys If you'll agree with me to use patch or crack. But anyway, I want to help so I'd like to post the link here.
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