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Sid Meiers Pirates

I just a game called pirates. Anyone else have this game. I got the CD from a friend who couldnt find the manual so i am having a rough time figuring it out. For the most part i can play, but i am sure there are shortcuts and hot keys that i am missing out on.
There are a bunch of sites out there for the game but none show any of that info.

Anyone else have this game and can pass on some tups.

the entire game can be played with the keypad numbers... heh... and those numbers are labeled, so its quite easy to know what you need to do... and it changes acording to what you need for whatever it is you are doing (be it fighting, sailing, dueling, dancing, sneaking, attacking a town, finding treasure, or finding a lost city Wink)

oh wait, i did think of one thing i know of.. if you double tap your spacebar you can shoot cannon balls at towns you are near i THINK... i cant quite remeber for sure Wink this works so if the town is very very tough and your army cant handle it yet, you can do that to piss off the town and lower their numbers... (dont do it too much or else their rank slips too far and you get almost no money for it Wink)

oh yeh, if you arrange it well, you can make your crew forever happy (on some ranks) the lower the rank, the "easier" it is... basically you need 300,000 gold for every crew member you got i belive it was for the easiest rank... i managed to pull this off by finding all the pirates but not attacking them, finding all the clues and where one of the lost cities were but not actually going to it, finding out where a treasure chest was (big one too Wink) then doing the entire main line quest for the dude who stole your family.. right before i went after him i split my current loot with my crew, got a new happy crew, then we went and killed that dude, got tons of money for it... then i went around the world killing pirates and discovering the lost cities and digging up treasure like mad until i could support my crew of like ~80 on my frigate (when you get that rich i didnt even bother to have multiple ships.... i never died so i didnt see the purpose.. id only take a ship if i was near a port where i could sell it immediatly for some cash Wink but i was too lazy for that most times...

anyways, fun game.. get the cool frigate (ship of the line)... its the coolest ship in the game, but hard to get (theres some stratigies out there of how to do it.. i used one that had you find a few rich ports next to eachother and did that for awhile and managed to get one withen an hour or so Wink)
Ok, i tried to use most of the keys on the keyboard but none of them did much. Figured that there had too be some shortcuts, but i guess not. I have too look into some of those Pirates forums and get some strategy cuz my crew gets unhappy after sailing too long even tho i have lots og dough too split up.
Thats the other thing that sucks is that when you divide up the bounty you end up with hardly anything. But, i think you have move up in rank too earn more.

Well, i better try some more and see what else i can figure out.


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