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model trains

anyone into model trains?

we are currently modelling the track from Sask to BC for grain hauling including the spiral tunnels and Cornor Gas.... LOL

HO and steam
Studio Madcrow
Model trains are awesome... They take up a lot of space though, so I stick to computer simulations... If I had room, I'd certainly build model trains though.
What do you think of Hornby buying Airfix - do you see that as a good fit for them?
schumway wrote:
anyone into model trains?

we are currently modelling the track from Sask to BC for grain hauling including the spiral tunnels and Cornor Gas.... LOL

HO and steam

I live in BC and this sounds interesting. Do you have any photos posted online anywhere, so that I might have a look at the setup?
I used to play with model trains all the time when I was younger. I still have most of them. I had a table set up in the corner of my room with the green paper "grass" stuff. I really liked playing with them, and trying to put together the most intricate layout I could. Wink
ive got 3 working engines right now and about 30 cars...but the track need work..we used to make an enourmous santas village taking up an entire room of the house...last year we totaled up what we had spent on everything..including the ceramic houses..(santas workshop those kinds of small ceramic houses) and it was worth thousands.
Models of real life transport are always facinating and the most of it is Trains. You can never get bored of it.

I prefer to play simulations as I dont have a that big space to build a live model. But, count on me.. any one offer me a chance I will never regret.

My father brought me up with model trains and now I have my own layout (HO scale) that sits in the shed. Unfortunately, I don't get as much time as I would like for it, so it's currently incomplete (undergoing a complete overhaul too.... which takes time). I haven't modelled my layout on any particular real-life railway, though - just what I thought would be an interesting arrangement (it's designed for two separate circuits with three shunting areas).
I'm into it, but have no room to actually build something. Once I get a bigger place it will become a main hobby of mine. I already have some of the stuff I need, just no room to use it!
Oh man, one of my buddy is a huge collector of trains. I believe he has like a lot of the pretty neat ones, like Santa Fe and some others.
Amazing the number of comments about having the space for a model railway layout. These days you can have a layout on the top of a coffee table (or underneath a glass top one), if you are prpared to build one in "Z" gauge. Alternatively you can get what seems to be a fairly big layout on a 6' by 3' board if you up the gauge to "N" (be it 1:148 in the UK or seemingly 1:160 else where). In fact mine is N gauge and caqn be viewed at the following web site (hosted by none other than your friendly Frihost guys)

Building a small gauge can be relatively more expensive than the usual "O" gauge, but by far compensated by the realism and economy of scale. These days there are wide choices of engines and rolling stock as well as track and accesories by a plethora of makers. Your models can be easily based on really any era particularly post WW2, mine being late steam early deisel, to get the best of both worlds.
I am looking for an electrical schematic drawing for a train speed controler I have that needs fixed.
Here's all the info I can find om it.

Distributed my MRC (Model Rectifier Corp.)
Brand- Tech 3
Line- Power Command (Train Controller)
Model- 9500

input- 120VAC 60HZ
output- +/-21VDC, 19VAC, 30VA total

output connections- fixed DC, variable DC, AC accessories

meters- track voltage, track current

on/off switch
speed control rheostat knob
direction control slide switch
on/off momentum slide switch
spring loaded brake switch

LED's- pilot, momentum, overload

It acts like the rheostat has shorted out and not limiting current at all,
even with nothing attached to the outputs.
When you turn it on the current pegs and opens the overload in about 3seconds.
I want to find a schematic on it before I open the case.

It's long out of warrenty and I'd like to fix it myself.
I can handle a digital voltmeter and a soldering iron.
I have a ready-to-run HO scale set and an N scale set, but nowhere to even build the N Scale set. I would LOVE to build a Z Scale model on a small piece of wood, which I would probably have room for and for storing as long as things didn't protrude much, but Z Scale is incredibly expensive, and very hard to find, especially where I live.
I used to do HO scale when I was a kid, but man it's been so long! I was actually in a hobby store a few weeks back to get glue and took a look at trains, doesn't look like much has changed except for the price of course.
Have you tried any Marklin Z gauge. Many pieces can be picked up via the web, at comparable prices to N gauge. But I have to admit the smaller the scale is the less choice you get in both engines and rolling stock.
model trains are cool, but take up a lot of space
Hey itay have you read my posts in this thread
I saw some very cool layouts yesterday at various people's houses who belong to the NMRA of Ottawa. One was a generice UK layout with all kinds or European passenger trains, stations, lights, tracks, secnery, AND it was all automated. The guy is a programmer, and he wrote a program that controls everything. It can tell what type each train is, and then throw the swtiches to make sure commuter trains go in the station (and they slow down automatically), and make sure frieght trains go on the track around the station. I REALLY wish I brought my camera. Sad
I love train sets, and I have a few HO scale ones, but I don't really set 'em up because there's just not enough room. Especially with cats and dogs around. Maybe sometime when I have my own place with a nice, big, basement I'll be able to do something with them.
Any one aware about the cost involved in making.. this.. can we have steam engines in model train...

Pls rely...
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