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Tony Romo

What do you guys think of the Cowboy's Junior Quarterback? I know he had an aweful moment in the end of teh playoff game against the seahawks, but he was pretty solid the rest of the season... Do you think he will be a great Quarterback?
He's gonna have a lot of pressure, especially dealing with all the questions from the media regarding his disasterous mistake against the Eagles. If he's strong enough mentally to deal with that, then he should be just fine.
the beginning of next season will answer everyones questions. and i mean beginning of the regular season not pre season. if he can perform well in the first two games then yes he has potential. but if he cant deal with all the pressure of being a starting qb for an NFL team.
If he has a solid season next year I will think he will be good. He has to take them to the playoffs for sure. I sort think he is overrated though.
Seiji wrote:
If he has a solid season next year I will think he will be good. He has to take them to the playoffs for sure. I sort think he is overrated though.

Same here - thought that after his first six games too. Mostly because a fair percentage of new starting quarterbacks are overrated. A lot have done well the first season - mainly because there's less time - and material from which - to prepare playing against them. As soon as opponents have had some time adjusting, things tend to change.

That said, not thinking Romo is a bad quarterback - he'll probably mature into a very good one - but he's not the wonderkid he was made up to be by the media during the first weeks.

As for the big mistake, it was obviously a matter of playoff nerves - if he gets past that, who knows what will happen Smile
i am not defending him (because that would be very hard considering he does have a bad case of the first year starting qb fumble-itis, BUT the ball did look slick to me and you know it was one of the K (kicker) balls that are opened up just prior to kickoff. not sure how i feel about them using those super slick balls to kick, suposidly there was a lot of cheating when the balls weren't regulated. anyway romo should be ok. he has carrie underwood to keep him warm and protected all season (something that she in her tiny size will be able to do better than dallas' o-line, which is really the issue for that team... that and the defense and the coach and maybe to although he did have to have surgery on this finger (which he had today by the way) anyways i digress.
tomy romo will be the mvp of the league and the cowboys will win the superbowl next year. end of questions. he's going to be the best there ever was and go into the hall of fame. the cowboys will be victorious once again..... Very Happy
who is Tony Romo???!!!!!
@ agustin: look him up on Wikipedia!!
Tony Romo is an average quarterback that came off the bench and has suffered from a bad case of media hype. C'mon, even Parcells has warned against buying into "Romo Hype".
I will compare Romo to Hideo Nomo. At first he looked pretty damn good and teams had trouble figuring him out, but once they did, they exploited him. Identical situation to Romo. Looks pretty damn good at first, but now,
agustin wrote:
who is Tony Romo???!!!!!

He is an owner of a small pizza parlor in northern new york
You're all wrong!! Tony Romo is a product of Bill Parcells' over-active imagination. He doesn't exist! You have all been fooled! Either that, or Tony Romo is, in fact, TO in an elaborate costume!
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