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Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny, A good movie?

Was Tenacious D a good movie?
Yes, See it now
 57%  [ 4 ]
Yes, but buy It on DVD
 14%  [ 1 ]
Yes, Rent It
 14%  [ 1 ]
No, Waste of Time
 14%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 7

Hey guys, just wanted to ask, do you guys think Tenacious D was a good movie? Please just vote for the poll.
I'd like to see the movie but it won't be shown in the cinemas in my country or realed on DVD. Embarassed Embarassed
Should be good.

Jack Black = GOD.

The soundtrack is awesome. So the movie should be just as good, or better Smile
ever since i bought tribute, ive been waiting for something else from them....

cant wait till the movie gets to germany (if it ever does)

if any of u have seen it, could you post your personal review?
I think they are trying to hard to be funny. ALL the time! A movie do not need 100 (bad) jokes, to be a comedy. The lyrics might be funny for kids, I suspect that they are written by kids in primary school... It's like they think that since Jim Carrey and fart humor is funny, fart humor is funny no matter how stupid it is.
The soundtrack is amazing, I have yet to see the movie.
I was going to see this next time I was close enough to a cinema, but the stupid bloody distributor has restricted it to Sydney only. Sad
I LOVE that movie. Even though it's full of juvenile and potty humor, it's still wicked funny. I especially like Dave Grohl as the devil, in the "Rock Off" scene. I actually have the same Dean Dime tribute guitar that he's playing for that one riff (that's very tasty!).
For the Drowmage, the movie is funny. Not because it’s a funny hit movie, mind you, but because it’s just so wrong on so many damn levels. If you’re ever listened to the group’s first album of the same name, especially “Wonderboy” or “****** Her Gently”, you’ll get this movie. It’s the thought of these two, pot-bellied, disgusting looking asses running around on stage with an ego that would overpower Narcissus himself, yet bringing such an incredible fusion to rock, metal, and old-age opera. And when you hear KG tell JB that he needs to do one c*ck push-up (you heard me right) a day, it’s so f*cking wrong that it’s funny.

There isn’t any incredible acting here, nor is it an well-written script. But it’s an adventure through the minds of these two jack-asses, best taken when you’re seriously in need of cheering up. You’ll laugh. You’ll snicker. Heck, you may even chuckle with glee at some of the scenes (and I mean, really graphic scenes), and the lame-ass jokes might even seem better with beer.
It is funny but like Jack Black said in some interview they were unlucky because "Borat did it."

All in all movie's fun. Great music performance, pity they didn't make a rock opera or something but still a lot of music. They will rock your sox soft Wink
You should definately see it. Don't expect a masterpiece or a classic blockbuster. It just is pure entertainment. And it rocks at that.
cavey wrote:
I The lyrics might be funny for kids, I suspect that they are written by kids in primary school.


actually for what it is, the songs are very well written with a high apititude for musicianship, especially Kyle. He's a great guitar player.
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